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The Environmental Studies Internship Office is located in 491, Interdisciplinary Sciences Building. The office is open to all students wishing to pursue a valuable experience that places them in the field.

New Summer Opportunities:

Ecology Action is hiring temp. positions to implement a regional water conservation campaign this Summer/Fall. The community programs team will be delivering outreach, workshops and on-site water conservation assistance in this campaign which was developed collaboratively with water agency partners in the Water Conservation Coalition of Santa Cruz County (City of Santa Cruz Water Department and Soquel Creek, Scotts Valley and San Lorenzo Valley Water Districts). Available opportunities include:

  • Program Specialist Water advisor: you would be responding to residential requests for on-site audits and landscape irrigation assistance. The audit includes providing residents with recommendations on practice changes and rebates that are available to them. Being Bilingual in Spanish & English would be very helpful. (Full Time, June through December)
  • Outreach Assistants: You can help out support the program outreach specialist and conduct tabling events. If you are Bilingual in Spanish & English that will be helpful (less than 20 hours per week) June-Sept
  • Program Specialist, Prerinse Spray Valve Installation: You would be going door to door to restaurants, hotels, and cafeterias and offer to swap out higher flow rinsing equipment with low flow pre-rinse spray valves for free. (The aim is to replace water valves with efficient technology in 160-190 businesses in 6 months!) If you happen to have restaurant and sales experience and are bilingual in Spanish & English and handy with tools, MAJOR plus! (June through December, with potential to extend a few months if other water districts opt to engage our services in this area)
  • Program Outreach Specialist: Implement Water Wise gardening presentations and DIY Greywater and lose your lawn workshops (you would also oversee assistants who will be doing tabling events around the county). If you are Bilingual in Spanish & English that will be helpful (less than 20 hours per week) June-Sept

If your are interested in any of these positions apply on the Ecology Action website.

Our Placements:

UCSC Environmental Studies Students intern for a variety of local, state, national and international organizations. These organizations and businesses include educational, agricultural, non-profit, for-profit, government and non-government internship positions. Many of our more than 130 internships can be found on our Available Internships page.

Our Pleacements make the news:

"Every year, hundreds of UCSC student interns and volunteers do important work in the community that surrounds them," writes Peggy Townsend for the UCSC Newsroom. She goes on to share: "Over the past four quarters, for example, nearly 700 UCSC environmental studies interns have contributed close to 60,000 hours of work to nonprofits, businesses, and government in the Santa Cruz area."  -

Internships and your education:

Internships allow students to apply the concepts and theories they learn about in academic settings to workplace settings. As an intern, you can see how people relate with one another, test out the theories learned in classes, and observe the inner workings of the work environment in a myriad of different fields and disciplines. Work done outside the classroom brings new depth and meaning to the work done inside the classroom, and enlightens the student to the importance of their academic work. Internships can be as much about finding out what you really like as encountering what it is you do not like.

Help you define your interests:

Many students look at internships as a way to confirm their interest in a given field or discipline. An internship is a way to "taste" a type of work before you've committed to graduate school or working in a full-time position. Internship experiences can help you hone in on your area(s) of interest and focus on the type of work for which you are best suited for and work that you find most interesting.

The Environmental Studies Internship Office is committed to providing students with the necessary resources for finding the best placement for each student.

Interested? You can start the process by communicating directly with the agency, or emailing our office to set up an appointment. We placed students in more than 400 internships this past year. And, perhaps we have one waiting for you too!

If you would like to participate in an internship next quarter, send an email to the Internship Coordinator.

Office Hours:

Drop-In Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday:  10am-12pm; Friday 11-1pm; or call for an appointment.

Contact Info:

Chris Krohn Environmental Studies Internship Coordinator
491 Interdisciplinary Sciences Building
Phone: (831) 459-2104
Fax: (831) 459-4015
E-mail the Internship Office

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