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Working hand in hand

Every year, hundreds of UCSC student interns and volunteers do important work in the community that surrounds them

"Over the past four quarters, for example, nearly 700 UCSC environmental studies interns have contributed close to 60,000 hours of work to nonprofits, businesses, and government in the Santa Cruz area."  

      --ENVS Interns in the limelight - UCSC Newsroom - by Peggy Townsend

Fall 2013 ENVS News

Mind to Matter Foundation’s gift to Experiential Learning Endowment  
The Mind to Matter Foundation established by alumnus Jamie Wine (Merrill ’03, ENVS & Marine Biology) donated $11,400 to the ENVS Experiential Learning Endowment to further the goal of offering courses that provide hands-on learning. click here

UCSC Museum of Natural History Collections to hold Open House on November 22 & 23 
Join us as the MNHC holds its fourth open house at the Science and Engineering Library on the UCSC campus. The event is open for free to both the Santa Cruz campus and community. Free parking will also be available on Saturday at the Core West Parking Structure.

The theme for this year's open house is "Skins and Bones,"  highlighting the combined collections of the museum’s many vertebrate taxidermied specimens as well as the Anthropology department’s osteological collections. These collections are an invaluable resource for understanding local biodiversity and are used by many classes and researchers on campus. Read More>>

ENVS Internship Program featured in Spring 2013 UCSC Review Magazine

Every year about 700 UCSC environmental studies students intern at nonprofits, businesses, and government in the Santa Cruz area. The Review article features interviews with student interns and the Internship Coordinator Chris Krohn, as they discuss the opportunities the program affords undergraduates in the Environmental Studies department.  Read more>>

Wildflower seeds produce fewer seeds when bumble bee diversity declines  

ENVS graduate student Heather Briggs coauthors new research in the  Read more>>.  

Study predicts oil demand to peak around 2035
The historical connection between economic growth and oil use is breaking down according to a study co-authored by Assistant Professor Adam Millard-Ball. Read more>>

Students working at the icy edge of climate change  
During a recent NSF-funded research expedition to the Peruvian Andes, ENVS faculty Jeffrey Bury, accompanied by students Anna Medina, Camila Bobroff and Adam French, assessed the challenges of adapting to a world without glaciers. Read more>> 

Ecuador's Yasuní-ITT Initiative and the search for new alternatives to oil extraction in Amazonian forests  
In August 2013, ENVS faculty Flora Lu, accompanied by her former UCSC advisees Néstor Silva, Leah Henderson, and Yukari Shichishima, traveled to Yasuní National Park as part of Lu's NSF-funded research project investigating the daily experiences of local Waorani families living in zones of oil extraction. Read more>>

The Environmental Studies Internship Office is located in 491, Interdisciplinary Sciences Building. The office is open to all students wishing to pursue a valuable experience that places them in the field.
Our Placements:

UCSC Environmental Studies Students intern for a variety of local, state, national and international organizations. These organizations and businesses include educational, agricultural, non-profit, for-profit, government and non-government internship positions. Many of our more than 130 internships can be found on our Available Internships page.

Internships and your education

Internships allow students to apply the concepts and theories they learn about in academic settings to workplace settings. As an intern, you can see how people relate with one another, test out the theories learned in classes, and observe the inner workings of the work environment in a myriad of different fields and disciplines. Work done outside the classroom brings new depth and meaning to the work done inside the classroom, and enlightens the student to the importance of their academic work. Internships can be as much about finding out what you really like as encountering what it is you do not like.

Help you define your interests

Many students look at internships as a way to confirm their interest in a given field or discipline. An internship is a way to "taste" a type of work before you've committed to graduate school or working in a full-time position. Internship experiences can help you hone in on your area(s) of interest and focus on the type of work for which you are best suited for and work that you find most interesting.

The Environmental Studies Internship Office is committed to providing students with the necessary resources for finding the best placement for each student.

Interested? You can start the process by communicating directly with the agency, or emailing our office to set up an appointment. We placed students in more than 400 internships this past year. And, perhaps we have one waiting for you too!

If you would like to participate in an internship next quarter, send an email to the Internship Coordinator.

Office Hours:

Drop-In Office Hours: Monday, Tues., Thurs. 10am-12pm, or call for an appointment.

Contact Info:
Chris Krohn
Environmental Studies Internship Coordinator
491 Interdisciplinary Sciences Building
Phone: (831) 459-2104
Fax: (831) 459-4015
E-mail the Internship Office

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