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Allison Skidmore
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    • PhD Student
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    • Environmental Studies Department
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    • Nat Sci 2 Annex, 481
    • NS2 481
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Research Interests

My research interests include: wildlife crime, wildlife trafficking, endangered species conservation policy and poaching of Amur tigers in the Russian Far East. 

Title of my project: Criminological Inquiry into the Illegal Tiger Trade in the Russian Far East


Abstract: The illegal wildlife trade is valued as high as $20 billion annually. Incentives are high to poach and traffic wildlife: the relative ease of the act, low-risk of detection/punishment and high profit margins make it appealing. However, this trade is also highly contextual and manifests in various ways globally, thus requires a species-specific approach to understand nuances in structure and organization. Tigers are one species that have experienced extreme poaching pressure as a result of the illegal trade in their parts. Surprisingly, given the high profile of the species and alarming population declines, the illegal tiger trade remains poorly understood. My research will investigate the actors and criminal network connected with the poaching and trafficking of tigers by focusing on the supply route from Russia into China. Grounded in an emerging wildlife crime theoretical framework, I will conduct multi-sited ethnographic research to explore this trade via the actors directly involved.