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Cristina Marie Riani
  • Title
    • Ph.D. Student
  • Division Graduate Studies Division
  • Department
    • Environmental Studies Department
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    • Nat Sci 2 Main Building, 487
    • Zoom appointments by request
  • Mail Stop Environmental Studies

Research Interests

Redwood forest ecology; canopy ecology; epiphyte diversity and community assembly; conservation; ecosystem services; climate change; plant-water relations; environmental literacy; science education; science communication; place-based education; behavior change

Biography, Education and Training

Excited about climbing redwoods, investigating questions about the redwood canopy, and sharing my passion and discoveries with others to educate and inspire. 

Honors B.S. in Environmental Science with an emphasis in Applied Ecology from Oregon State Univerity. Research experience in Corvallis, OR and Monteverde, Costa Rica on bryophyte water adsorption and retention. 

*Graduate students at UC Santa Cruz face severe rent burden (what's this?), often spending over 50% of our income on housing. We are precarious, but we are indispensable.

I stand in solidarity with the COLA campaign.