Graduate Directory

Tashina Jessi Vavuris
  • Title
    • PhD Student
  • Division Social Sciences Division
  • Department
    • Environmental Studies Department
  • Email
  • Office Location
    • Nat Sci 2 Main Building, 489
  • Mail Stop Environmental Studies

Research Interests


My research interests intersect pedagogical practices, environmental sustainability, and community engagement practices. I am interested in pursuing inclusive sustainability in relation to student perspectives and curriculum formation. I intend to focus on the intersection of de-colonial education and environmental sustainability. Further, how these specific topics can be implemented into course formation, allowing a critical lens to transform environmental education.


I aim to understand various avenues to which environmental education can be more critical by centering local and indigenous knowledge. Specifically, looking at colonialism, environmental racism, and ecological ethics to understand how marginalized populations, predominately people of color, have been left out of the conversation regarding environmental sustainability in hopes to reimagine a different narrative.


In conjunction, I am interested in illuminating the implications of environmental degradation through community-based interventions. I plan to examine how community-based practices can center community knowledge and guide sustainable futures around community health and well-being.