About the Department

The mission of the Environmental Studies Department at UC Santa Cruz is to be an influential and effective leader in innovative, interdisciplinary environmental scholarship and teaching. The Environmental Studies Department is home to some of the most creative faculty and unique research programs in the country. It is comprised of four overlapping research areas:

  • Agroecology
  • Conservation Biology
  • Environmental Policy
  • Political Economy

Each area has its own theme, however all four areas examine the connections between environment and society.

Our undergraduate program offers courses in a wide range of areas of environmental studies, and provides many unique opportunities. For example, in our Internship Program students work in community organizations, receiving practical experience that supplements classroom learning. Undergraduates can also work as research assistants with our faculty, with research projects and studies. We have a list of recent alumni and a U.S. map that shows where some graduates have gone on to work after earning their degree in Environmental Studies. Please contact us if you'd like to be included!

In our graduate program, students work closely with faculty to develop and conduct original research. Coursework provides depth of knowledge in the student's main areas of interest, as well as breadth in other areas of environmental studies. We have excellent facilities, and conduct cutting edge academic and policy-relevant research.

We are located on the fourth floor of the Interdisciplinary Sciences Building, in the Science Hill area of campus.

Please email with general inquiries to envs1@ucsc.edu. You can direct your questions to individual department members by using the Staff and Faculty Directories, linked to at the left of this screen.

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