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Renée L Kidson
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    • Associate Professor (Adjunct)
  • Division Social Sciences Division
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    • Environmental Studies Department
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    • Canberra, Australia
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Biography, Education and Training

Associate Professor Kidson is a scientist and economist, who works at UCSC in an adjunct capacity as a future water supply strategist. Renée and her students work with major cities that have reached the limit of their natural local water supplies (from rivers and reservoirs) and are exploring alternative sources (e.g. desalination) and management options to support their city's growth given climate change. Renée performs statistically robust scenario modelling under different climate change futures, allowing cities to evaluate their options and make sound investment decisions to cost-effectively secure their future water reliability.

Renée holds the following degrees:

  • Bachelor of Science (University of Sydney)
  • Bachelor of Antarctic Studies (Honours), (University of Tasmania)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Trinity College, University of Cambridge)
  • Master of Economics (Honours), (University of Sydney)

Renée works full time as a public servant of the Australian Government in Canberra, visiting UCSC periodically to undertake sabbatical teaching and research. Renée has been a Fellow of UCSC's Center for Integrated Water Research since 2008.

Honors, Awards and Grants

Associate Professor Kidson is a distinguished alumnus of the International Science School (University of Sydney, 1991), and of the National Youth Science Forum (University of Canberra, 1992).

Selected Publications


Kidson, R.L., Haddad, B.M., Zheng, H.,  Kasower, S. and Raucher, R. (2013) Optimising Reliability: Portfolio Modeling of Contract Types for Retail Water Providers. Water Resources Management, 27 (9): 3209-3225, DOI 10.1007/s11269-013-0320-5.


Courtenay, G., Gladstone, W., Scammell, M., Kidson, R.L., Wood, J. (2011), The influence of estuarine water quality on cover of barnacles and Enteromorpha spp. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 175(1-4): 685-697,


Kidson, R.L. and Haddad, B.M. (2010) Water Stewardship: An Australian Perspective. Ecological Society of America (ESA) Bulletin, April 2010.


Kidson, R.L., Trousdale, S., Wood, J., and Allen, G. (2008) Environmental Monitoring Program for Sydney’s Desalination Plant. Water 35(2): 74-89.


Kidson, R.L., Richards, K.S. and Carling, P.A. (2006) Hydraulic model calibration for extreme floods in bedrock-confined channels: case study from northern Thailand. Hydrological Processes 20, 329–344.


Kidson, R.L., Richards, K.S. and Carling, P.A. (2006) Power law extreme flood frequency. In: Fractal Analysis for Natural Hazards (ed G. Cello and B.D. Malamud), Geological Society (London), Special Publication 261, pp. 141-154.


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Selected Presentations

View Associate Professor Kidson's presentation to the California Colloquium on Water at UC Berkeley, 17 Feb 2009:

'Balancing Water Supply & Demand in Australia: Hard Lessons from a Harsh Land'