J. Elliott Campbell
  • Title
    • Gliessman Presidential Chair in Water Resources and Food Sustainability
    • Associate Professor
  • Division Social Sciences Division
  • Department
    • Environmental Studies Department
  • Affiliations Earth & Planetary Sciences Department
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  • Office Location
    • Interdisciplinary Sciences Building, 461 NS2
  • Mail Stop Environmental Studies
  • Mailing Address
    • 461 NS2
  • Faculty Areas of Expertise Environmental Engineering, Environmental Studies, Earth Sciences, Renewable Energy, Climate Change, Atmospheric Science, Hydrology, Agroecology and Agriculture, Geographic Information Systems, Food/Nutrition

Biography, Education and Training

Dr. Elliott Campbell is an Associate Professor and the Stephen R. Gliessman Presidential Chair in Water Resources and Food System Sustainability in the Environmental Studies Department at UC Santa Cruz. Dr. Campbell's research emphasizes the use of regional and global models to extrapolate from small-scale field measurements to policy-relevant spatial scales, particularly within the context of agroecology and global biogeochemical cycles. This work has led to his CAREER award from the National Science Foundation, appearances in media ranging from NPR to The Economist, and consultations to the U.S. EPA and other government agencies. He serves on the Associate Editorial Board at Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment and the faculty advisory committee at the University of California President's Postdoctoral Fellowship Program.  Dr. Campbell received his BS and MS from Stanford University and his PhD from the University of Iowa, and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the Carnegie Institution for Science.

Selected Publications

  • Campbell JE, et al. (2017) Large historical growth in global terrestrial gross primary production, Nature, 544(7648), 84-87. (outreach: New York Times)
  • Campbell JE, et al. (2017) Plant uptake of atmospheric carbonyl sulfide in coast redwood forests, JGR: Biogeosciences (2017). (outreach: San Jose Mercury News)
  • Zumkehr A, Campbell JE (2015) The potential for local croplands to meet US food demand. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 13:244-248. (outreach: Washington Post)
  • Campbell JE, Lobell DB, Field CB (2009) Greater transportation energy and GHG offsets from bioelectricity than ethanol, Science, 324(5930), 1055-1057. (outreach: The Economist)
  • Campbell JE, et al. (2008) Photosynthetic control of atmospheric carbonyl sulfide during the growing season, Science, 322(5904), 1085-1088. (outreach: Nature Reports Climate Change)

Selected Awards

  • AGU Global Environmental Change Early Career Award (citation)
  • NSF CAREER Award
  • NSF Coastal Science, Engineering and Education for Sustainability Award