Madeleine Fairbairn
  • Title
    • Associate Professor
  • Division Social Sciences Division
  • Department
    • Environmental Studies Department
  • Affiliations Community Studies Program, Science & Justice Research Center, Dolores Huerta Research Center for the Americas, Coastal Science & Policy Program
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  • Office Location
    • Interdisciplinary Sciences Building, 426
  • Office Hours No office hours fall 2022 - on sabbatical.
  • Mail Stop Environmental Studies
  • Mailing Address
    • 1156 High Street
    • Santa Cruz CA 95064
  • Faculty Areas of Expertise Agroecology and Agriculture, Sociology of Development, Environmental Justice
  • Courses ENVS 80F Introduction to Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems, ENVS 100/L Ecology and Society, ENVS 158 Political Ecology

Summary of Expertise

Agri-food systems, environmental sociology, political ecology, globalization and development, ownership and access to land


Research Interests

I do qualitative sociological research on the political economy of the global agro-food system. I am particularly interested in how transnational economic processes shape access to food, land, and other natural resources globally. My current projects explore the financial sector's growing interest in buying farmland, as well as the dynamics of the agri-food technology sector. My first book, Fields of Gold: Financing the Global Land Rush, was released in 2020 by Cornell University Press. 

Biography, Education and Training

Ph.D., Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

M.S., Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

B.S., Development Sociology/Natural Resource Management, Cornell University

Selected Publications


Fairbairn, Madeleine. 2020. Fields of Gold: Financing the Global Land Rush. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press. Open access



Fairbairn, Madeleine, Zenia Kish, and Julie Guthman. 2022. "Pitching agri-food tech: Performativity and non-disruptive disruption in Silicon Valley." Journal of Cultural Economy. Online First.

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