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Carol Shennan

Biography, Education and Training

Ph.D. Botany,University of Cambridge, U.K.

B.A. (Highest Honours) Botany, University of Cambridge, U.K.

Honors, Awards and Grants

  • 2014-2019 USDA Areawide Optimization and implementation of biologically active soil amendments as an alternative to soil fumigation for soil-borne disease control in California strawberry production systems. $318,218

  • 2014-16 CA Dept. Pesticide Regulation. Improving efficacy of biologically mediated soilborne disease management in strawberry by use of reduced rate fumigation $298,472

  • 2014-15   CA Strawberry Commission. Non-fumigant strategies for soilborne disease control in CA strawberries $70,000

  • 2013-15   CA Dept. Pesticide Regulation. Integrated Pesticide Reduction Strategies for Insect and Disease Management in Cole Crops $399,304

  • 2013-14 CA Strawberry Commission. Non-fumigant strategies for soilborne disease control in CA strawberries $133,000

  • 2012-15 USDA MeBr Transition Program. Implementing Anaerobic Soil Disinfestation for soilborne disease control in Strawberries and Apple Nurseries. $455,000

  • 2011-15 USDA OREI A Collaborative Research and Extension Network for Sustainable Organic Production Systems in Coastal California. $2.608 million

Selected Publications

Selected publications

  • Shennan, C. Muramoto, J, Mazzola, M, Butler, D, Rosskoph, E., Kokalis-Burelle, N. Momma, K, Kobara, Y, Lamers, J.  2014. Anaerobic Soil Disinfestation for Soil Borne Disease Control in Strawberry and Vegetable Systems: Current Knowledge and Future Directions.  Acta Hort. (ISHS) 1044:165-175

  • Tadesse, G., Zavaleta, E. and Shennan, C.  2014. Coffee landscapes as refugia for native woody biodiversity as forest loss continues in southwest Ethiopia. Biological Conservation 69:384–391

  • Muramoto, J., Gliessman, S.R., Koike, S., Shennan, C., Klonsky. K., and Swezey, S.L. 2014. Integrated biological and cultural practices can reduce crop rotation period of organic strawberries.  Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems 38:603-631

  • Krupnik, T.J.,. Rodenburg, J., Haden, V.R., Mbaye, D., and Shennan, C.  2013. Genotypic trade-offs between water productivity and weed competition under the System of Rice Intensification in the Sahel. Agricultural Water Management 115:156-166.

  •  Shennan, C. and Sirrine, D. 2012 Maize legume relay intercrops in Malawi: meeting short and long term sustainability goals. Adv. in Agroecology. Microbial Ecology in Sustainable Agroecosystems. Ed. T.E Cheeke, D.C. Coleman and D.H. Wall. CRC Press

  • Samberg, L. Shennan, C. and Zavaleta, E.  2012 Agricultural biodiversity in a changing landscape: farmer seed exchange and crop diversity.  Human Ecology   41:477-485

  • Krupnik, T.J., Shennan, C., Mbaye, D. and Rodenburg, J.  2012. Water and nutrient use efficiency under conventional management and a water saving practice in the Sahel: multi-season effects of chemical fertilizer and straw applications.  Field Crops Research 130:155-167

  • Samberg, L. Shennan, C. and Zavaleta, E. 2010. Interacting human and environmental forces structure crop diversity in an Ethiopian highland agroecosystem. Professional Geographer 62:395-408

  • Pisani Gareau, T., Letourneau D.K. and C. Shennan. 2013. Relative densities of natural enemy and pest insects within California hedgerows. Environmental Entomology. 42(4):688-702

  • Muramoto, J., Gliessman, S.R., Shennan, C. et al. 2012. The Organic Research Network Project on the Central Coast of California Acta Horticulturae

  • Reganold, J.P., D. Jackson-Smith, S.S. Batie, R.R. Harwood, J.L. Kornegay, D. Bucks, C.B. Flora, J.C. Hanson, W.A. Jury, D. Meyer, A. Schumacher, Jr., H. Sehmsdorf, C. Shennan, L.A. Thrupp, and P. Willis. 2011. Transforming U.S. agriculture. Science 332:670-671

  • Shennan, C. 2008. Biotic Interactions, Ecological Knowledge and Agriculture. Phil. Trans. Royal Society B. 363: 717-729

  • Krupnik, T.J., Shennan, C., Settle, W.H., Demont, M Ndiayec, A.B., and Rodenburg, J. 2012 Improving irrigated rice production in the Senegal River Valley through on-farm experiential learning and innovation. Agricultural Systems 109:101-112

  • Muramoto, J., Smith, R., Shennan, C, Klonsky, K.M., Leap, J., Silva Ruiz, M and Gliessman S. R. 2011. Nitrogen Contribution of Legume/Cereal Mix Winter Cover Crops and Organic Fertilizers to an Organic Broccoli Crop. Hortscience 46:1154-1162

Teaching Interests

            Agroecology & Sustainable Agriculture

            Participatory Research

            Gender and Environment

            Key words and concepts in Environmental Studies

            Cropping Systems of the World

            Ecology and Society

            Intro to Agroecology

            Agroecology laboratory

            Agroecosystems and watershed management

Food production, soil management, and livelihoods in Sub-Saharan Africa



Courses Taught

ENVS 130A/L Introduction to Agroecology
ENVS 166 Agroecosystems and Watershed Management
ENVS 196 Food production and livelihoods in Sub Saharan Africa
ENVS 196 Advanced Agroecology
ENVS 230 Agroecology and Sustainable Agriculture
ENVS 201B Key words and concepts

Advisees, Post Docs, Graduate Students, Researchers

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