Graduate Handbooks & Resources

Listed below are departmental and campus handbooks, and links to useful resources available to current graduate students.


  • Environmental Studies Grad Handbook

    The ENVS Grad Handbook outlines the doctoral program requirements, including policies regarding pre-qualifying and qualifying examinations, TA service requirements, required courses, etc.

  • ENVS Ph.D. Paperwork Guide

    Outlines the steps to take for each phase of your graduate career. Follow this guide to complete your administrative requirements for passing the Pre-Qualifying and Qualifying examinations, Advancing to Candidacy, and applying for the Ph.D. in Environmental Studies.

  • Graduate Division

  • UCSC Graduate Handbook

    The Graduate Handbook lists regulations from the University of California and campus-specific requirements that pertain to every UCSC graduate student. Use this handbook to find out about enrollment options, registration and fee information, time-to-degree requirements, and more.
  • Current Graduate Student Resources

    A collection of links from the UCSC Graduate Division of academic and personal support services for current graduate students.
  • Graduate Financial Aid Information

    The Graduate Division's page on Financial Aid explains the costs - and some ways to cover those costs - of graduate school.
  • Tax Information for Graduate Students

    Tax guidelines for students receiving funds from Teaching Assistant (TA) positions, Graduate Research Assistant (GSR) positions, fellowships, scholarships, and loans.

  • Calendars

  • Academic Calendar

    The Academic Calendar lists quarterly deadlines for students regarding financial aid payments, enrollment scheduling, petitioning for the degrees, and much more. This is maintained by the Publications and Scheduling department of the Registrar's Office.
  • Campus Events Calendar

    The Campus Calendar lists events held on the UCSC campus. Some events are open to the public, and others are restricted to particular members of the campus community. Seminars, conferences, and other academic events are frequently posted on this calendar.

  • Student Associations

  • Graduate Student Association

    All graduate students are members of the Graduate Student Association. In addition to working on preserving the rights of graduate students, the GSA holds annual social events and provides modest travel grants to help pay for student travel to conferences. The GSA would like to have Departmental Representatives from every department on campus - let them know if you are interested!
  • Ethnic and Lifestyle Resource Centers

    The UCSC Ethnic Resource Center is home to several ethnic advocacy groups on campus:

    African American Resource and Cultural Center (AARCC)

    American Indian Resource Center (AIRC)

    Asian American/Pacific Islander Resource Center (AAPIRC)

    Chicanx Latinx Resource Center (El Centro)

    Lionel Cantú Queer Center

  • Student Services

  • Student ID Card Services

    ID cards, Santa Cruz County Metro bus passes, recreation facilities passes, library cards, food service/Flexi-Dollar cards.
  • Disability Resource Center

    The DRC assists in making courses, programs, services, and activities accessible to students with disabilities. DRC assists students with a variety of disabilities, including physical, learning, and psychological.
  • Registrar's Office

    The Office of the Registrar maintains an accurate academic record for each student who enrolls at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and provides transcripts, copies of narrative evaluations, and assistance with course enrollment adjustments.

  • Careers, Research Positions, Fellowships

  • UCSC Grad Career Center

    Provides access to job search resources, workshop listings, resumé, cover letter and interview assistance, and more.