Environmental Justice Internships

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    Also Under Public Policy

    Contact: Pauline Seales, paulineseales120@gmail.com 

    Tasks include

    • Organizing local events, preparing flyers, posters, website materials and community outreach.
    • Assisting with education projects in schools, after school programs and events such as “Welcome Back Monarchs” Festival.
    • Helping set up web site on “Word Press”
    • General social media help
    • Contacting local media about possible articles on current student projects

  • Bag Speak & Bagito

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    Bag Speak & Bagito

    Listing also foud in the Environmental Education and Public Policy tab. 

    Contact: Mitch Barlas mitch@bagspeak.org, Taylor McLoughlin tsmcloug@gmail.com 

    BagSpeak internship duties may include: 

    • Research on relevant environmental issues for K-12 students (centering on environmental stewardship, sustainability, and personal responsibility for our planet). 
    • Creating lessons and activities on environmental topics for K-12 teachers.
    • Assisting with outreach, communication and marketing (i.e. contacting schools to gauge interest, answering questions and assiting participating teachers, writing blog and press release postings).
    • Reaching out to potential corporate and business partners to inquire about collaboration opportunities and sponsorship/grant interests, and grant writing.

    Bagito reusable shopping bags were created by Power2Sustain to help provide funding for its programs. Bagitos are full-sized, micro-stuffable shopping bags designed to hang on a key ring. 100% of the proceeds from the sales of Bagitos go to the Power2Sustain project.  

    Bagito internship duties may include: 

    • Sales lead generation, contact acquisition, initial outreach and follow-up.
    • Promotional event tabling, including the Wednesday downtown Santa Cruz Farmers Market.
    • Marketing and public relations; accounting data entry, analysis and report building.
    • Business modeling and forecasting; exploring partnership opportunities with other companies.
    • General office tasks.

    For more information please visit here!

  • Beach Flats Community Garden

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    Garden Internship

    Listing also found in the Agroecology and Plants and Public Policy tab. 

    Contact: Michelle Glowa, michelle.glowa@gmail.com; (301) 908-0641

    In this internship students will work with the Beach Flats Community Garden in several capacities. The garden, which has flourished for over 21 years, is located in Santa Cruz in the historically Latino community of Beach Flats lying at the base of the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. It is a space of food production for local consumption contributing to food security and continuation of agroecological traditions and passing along of knowledges from gardeners who have immigrated from Mexico and El Salvador. In addition the garden provides .44 acres of green space in the most densely populated neighborhood of Santa Cruz. Currently the garden is under threat of having to move or complete eviction. Through interviews and participant observation, students will work with researchers to understand how the garden is perceived by the community, what gardeners and allies are doing to advocate for the garden, and how the city of Santa Cruz is trying to resolve this issue.

  • California Coalition for Rural Housing

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    Rural West Internship Program

    Listing also found in the Summer and Public Policy tab.

    Contact: Gisela, Gisela@calruralhousing.org 

    The Internship Program is a one-year paid Internship designed to increase the staff diversity within the Affordable Housing and Community Development field, and assist in meeting the diverse needs of the communities served throughout the rural West, including its emerging areas. This includes recruiting, training and retaining ethnically diverse students who may not otherwise know about the field. We specifically target underrepresented People of Color, who come from low-income rural backgrounds and reflect rural West’s diverse cultural and linguistic demographics. We give high priority to students completing their junior year or entering their last academic year at four year universities so that upon graduating from college, they may be able to be employed in entry level professional positions in the field



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    Contact: Sander Kushen, akushen@calpirgstudents.org (949)456-2853

    CALPIRG interns take on leadership on one or more of our campaigns and receive support and training from a team of experienced organizers and student leaders. Our internship program gives students the opportunity to take their education out of the classroom, do hands-on work, learn important skills, and make an impact.

  • Campaign for Sustainable Transportation

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    Outreach Internship

    Also Under Public Policy

    Contact Person: Rick Longinotti, longinotti@baymoon.com

    The Campaign for Sustainable Transportation is an all-volunteer group advocating for environmental justice in transportation. The current campaign is to educate the public about the benefits of public investment in transit and active transportation (bicycling & walking) rather than investing in widening Highway 1. Currently, Metro transit is planning deep cuts in service due to financial deficits. In the next few months the County Regional Transportation Commission will be finalizing the priorities in a transportation sales tax measure for the November ballot. So the focus is to get public support for sustainable and socially equitable priorities in that ballot measure. Interns will join group members in circulating a petition for sustainable transportation on campus and in the community, meeting with community leaders, setting up presentations for community groups, speaking to classes on campus and developing written materials for outreach to students. 

  • City Council Member Drew Glover

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    Research and Policy Internship

    Also Under Public Policy

    Contact: Drew Glover, dglover@cityofsantacruz.com

    Council member Drew Glover is looking for motivated college students who are interested in creating dynamic groups (3 or more) to address environmental policies important to both students and constituents. Each team member contributes using the skill in which they excel while gaining hands on experience in areas where they wish to improve. You and your team will conduct research, write and analyze reports, and craft presentations for City Council meetings. The ideal candidate is interested in a career in local government and/or obtaining a theoretical and practical understanding of local environmental policies. The goal is to create or change ordinances, passing legislation, gaining knowledge on policy creation, and increasing public awareness/education. Areas of focus can go beyond Environmental Policy. Relevant topics may integrate with: Housing, Public Safety, Waste Management, Budget Analysis, Transportation, and Water policy. The City of Santa Cruz offers an outstanding environment for learning, professional growth, and community involvement. After completion, a letter of recommendation and an evaluation report can be available upon request. 

  • Coastal Watershed Council

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    Education Intern

    Listing also found in Environmental Education and Public Policy tab.

    Contact: Mollie Behn, mbehn@coastal-watershed.org

    The Coastal Watershed Council works in public elementary, middle and high schools throughout Santa Cruz County to involve teachers and students in sustainability education. Education Program Interns will support the Education Coordinator in developing and teaching lessons to K-12 students about 1) watersheds 2) human activity impacting the health of our watersheds such as stormwater runoff, trash disposal, pollution, among other 3) water quality monitoring 4) sources of water and water conservation 5) sustainable practices such as reducing/reusing/recycling/repairing and composting and 6) climate change. Training and support are offered on the lessons and activities, working with students, group management and teaching techniques. There is both school/field time and office time for this internship.

  • Committee to Bridge the Gap

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    Environmental Policy Internship

    Also Under Public Policy

    Contact: Haakon Williams, committeetobridgethegap@gmail.com 

    Committee to Bridge the Gap is a non-profit environmental and nuclear policy organization focusing on issues of environmental justice, government transparency, superfund site remediation, and nuclear decommissioning, disarmament, safety and waste disposal. For nearly half a century, Committee to Bridge the Gap has been fighting—and winning—environmental battles that have local, national and international impact.

    Our work is aimed at exposing and correcting the shortcuts taken by polluters and the government agencies which oversee them, and the unholy alliance which exists between them.

    Students will engage in hands-on research in teams with experienced environmental policy staff. Collaboration between CBG and other organizations, policymakers, and established journalists is frequent. Students will learn the nitty-gritty of actually affecting environmental policy and make real contributions to the environment at the same time.

    Current projects include research and policy work on behalf of environmental justice communities in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and the Central Valley which are burdened with toxic contamination.

  • Eat for the Earth

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    Eat for the Earth Internship

    Also Under Public Policy

    Contact Person: Beth, beth@wholenessworks.com

    Eat for the Earth makes it easier for people to eat more plants and less animal products to sustain the habitability of our earth. The movement was launched in Santa Cruz in January, 2019, and is gaining traction locally was well as outside of our local area. We accomplish our objective by engaging in systems change projects in partnership with institutions such as government, education, media, corporations, nonprofits, and faith-based organizations. Each project is designed to implement policies and/or practices that increase plant consumption and decrease animal product consumption. As we work with our partners in the development and implementation of these projects, we create models that are replicable in diverse settings. In order to maximize our effectiveness and reach, we provide tools and support for activist groups in communities around the world to establish similar activities in partnership with their local institutions. 

  • Ecology Action

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    Bike Smart

    Contact: Erin Dewitt, volunteer@ecoact.org (831) 426-5925

    Bike Smart! Youth Bicycle Safety Program conducts bicycle safety trainings for Santa Cruz and Monterey County youth. We offer classroom Presentations, hands on bicycle skills Obstacle Courses (aka "Rodeos") and Community Rides (on street training), as well as bicycle safety Education Outreach Booths. Our programs are carried out at schools, community centers and events. Bike Smart! is a Safe Routes to School program of Ecology Action, a local non-profit dedicated to promoting and providing sustainable transportation services to Santa Cruz County residents and businesses. Its other programs include: Bike to Work/School, Bike Week, Active4Me, Walk Smart and Zero Interest Bike Loan Program.

    Check out the website


  • Green Business Bilingual Recruitment Internship

    Contact: Erin Dewitt, volunteer@ecoact.org

    Responsibilities include phone, email, and event tabling to enroll Spanish speaking business owners; online recruitment using LinkedIn and other social media to find key contacts to engage in our program, and using Excel totrack progress, analyze data and illustrate accomplishments and recommendations for future steps.

  • Green Business Content Marketing Internship

    Contact: Erin Dewitt, volunteer@ecoact.org

    Responsibilities include drafting and scheduling content for social media, newsletter, newspaper and website. Interns will also track progress in a spreadsheet and create a final PowerPoint slide presentation illustrating accomplishments as well as lessons learned and recommendations for future steps.

  • Green Business Digital Marketing Internship

    Contact: Erin Dewitt, volunteer@ecoact.org

    Responsibilities include creating strategies for increasing exposure both in print and online media; assisting with the design and distribution of e-newsletters; supporting our team at live events; maintaining administrative tasks; preparing reports for program partners; helping with data analysis using Google Ads and Google Analytics, and tracking overall progress in a spreadsheet.

  • Green Business Photojournalism Internship

    Contact: Erin Dewitt, volunteer@ecoact.org

    Responsibilities include producing visual content according to production and publication calendars for social media, newsletter, newspaper and website.

  • Ecological Rights Foundation

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    Ecological Rights Foundation

    Also Under Public Policy

    Contact: Fredric Evenson, ecorights@earthlink.net 

    Ecological Rights Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and protecting California’s coastal environment through research, education and the enforcement of environmental laws.  For this internship we are seeking students with interests in environmental studies, environmental law, biology, education, boating, social media and non-profit management. Interns should have strong research, writing and communication skills. 

    If intereseted, please visit here for more info.  

  • Ecofarm

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    The Ecological Farming Association

    Under Public Policy

    Contact: Ken Dickerson; info@ecofarm.com; (831)763-2112

    EFA is looking for a Program Intern to assist EFA’s Program Coordinator. The ideal candidate will be able to juggle multiple projects at once and to meet high standards of accuracy and timeliness. This position is tasked in particular with coordinating Scholarships and Fellowships for the EcoFarm Conference, but will have a hand in many other aspects of the conference planning as well. EcoFarm is the oldest and largest agricultural event in the West. The position will be involved in organizing and helping to shape various aspects of this year’s Conference, including but not limited to: assisting with outreach and follow-up by phone and/or email, creating and entering into databases, and other special project support for the conference. Hours are flexible, but preference will be given to someone who can commit to 10-15 hours per week, and who is able to adjust their hours according to the need to meet EFA deadlines.

    Visit our website for more information.

  • FoCAN

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    Cultivating a Daily Revolution Internship

    Also Under Campus and Agroecology and Plants tabs

    Contact: focan@ucsc.edu 

    This internship is a student-based & facilitated program designed to engage, provide experience, and educate participating students in various topics pertaining to communities on and around our campus. This internship will strive to foster a student community that is aware of the importance of gender, economic, and social justice issues within our food and commodity chains. The 2-unit internship will be hosted by the Friends of the Community AgroEcology Network (FoCAN), an on-campus student organization that promotes campus and communal involvement in food awareness, social justice, fair trade, agroecological approaches, and more.

  • Food Chain Radio

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    Food Chain Radio

    Listing also found in Agroecology and Plants andand Public Policy tab.

    Contact: Michael Olson; mo@ksco.com; (831)566-4209

    Food Chain Radio, for those who are interested in environmental journalism, is a nationally-syndicated newstalk program that brings the issues of agriculture, food and environment to the table for discussion.  Having broadcast over 750 shows, the Food Chain has established a dedicated audience of interested listeners throughout the world.

    For more information please visit the website.

  • Global Environmental Justice Journal

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    Global Environmental Justice Journal

    Listing also found in Environmental Education Tab

    Contact: Ravi Rajan, srrajan@ucsc.edu (831) 459 - 4158

    This internship seeks 5-10 editiors to help produce a peer reviewed global environmental justice journal. Responsibilities include reviewing and editing student papers, commisioning book reviews, and collecting global environmental news to assemble into a cohesive journal.

  • Habitat For Humanity ReStore

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    Social Media Intern

    Listing also found in Alternative Energy and Public Policy tab.

    Contact: Allie Willson, volunteer@habitatmontereybay.org

    Habitat for Humanity Monterey Bay operates ReStore Santa Cruz, located on the Westside of Santa Cruz on Swift St. ReStores are retail outlets that sell donated furniture, appliances and building materials. The store is open to the public and all proceeds help build affordable homes in Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties. We are looking for someone to continue to bring customers and donors into the store and increase exposure throughout Santa Cruz County.

  • Homeless Garden Project

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    Homeless Garden Project Internship

    Also Under Agroecology and Plants

    Contact: Justin Wright, emilyr@homelessgardenproject.org 

    The Homeless Garden Project provides job training on a 2.5 acre organic farm and its enterprises, to homeless individuals in the Santa Cruz area.  We run a 60 member CSA (May through October) and have a retail store near downtown.  Interns are encouraged to set their own goals and create a project that will leave a lasting impression on the organization, with unlimited access to the knowledge of the farm workers and agency staff as well as other agencies we work closely with.  Tasks can include, but are not limited to: everyday farm maintenance activities – bed clearing, planting out, greenhouse propagation, irrigation, etc.; planning and teaching a workshop to crew and public participants; fundraising/grant writing; administrative assistance; cooking.

    For more information, please visit the Homeless Garden Project website

  • Ocean Champions

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    Ocean Champions

    Listing also found in Water and Marine-Related and Public Policy tab.

    Contact: hr@oceanchampions.org;  (831) 462-2550

    The Ocean Conservation Intern Position is designed to introduce college-level individuals to working in the non-profit political sector of ocean conservation. The intern will be exposed to a broad range of legislative work in support of Ocean Champions’ mission.

    This work will include:

    • Research for and development of position papers and other critical media for use in campaigns to move and pass critical ocean-focused legislation
    • Monitoring and reporting progress around Ocean Champions’ priority legislation, to include engaging other oceanfocused non-profits collaborating on these issues
    • Assisting with communications efforts across a range of platforms including web pages, email blasts and social media such as Facebook
    For more information visit our website!

  • Our City Forest

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    Nonprofit Internship

    Listing also found in the Summer and Public Policy tab.

    Contact: Nancy Solorio at Nancy@ourcityforest.org 

    Our City Forest (OCF) is an award - winning environmental nonprofit supporting South Bay neighborhoods, schools, businesses, agencies and parks with a variety of greening projects. In addition to providing resources and technical assistance for planting and caring for trees, OCF runs a cultivation nursery and an Americorps service and job training program. Its mission is to cultivate a green and healthy Silicon Valley by engaging community members in the appreciation, protection, growth and maintenance of our urban ecosystem, especially its urban forest.

  • Regeneración: Pajaro Valley Climate Action

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    Social Media Internship

    Under Public Policy

    Contact: Nancy Faulstich at nancy@regenerationpajarovalley.org 

    Role of Intern: Increase social media presence and media coverage; grow list of e-news subscribers and followers. Depending on the candidate, may assist with website development.

    Objectives for one quarter internship:

    • Post 3 times a week on social media (Facebook and Instagram) Increase number of social media followers in one quarter by 50
    • Assist with management of e-news list subscribers and production of minimum of 3 e- newsletters
    • Take photos at Regeneración events and post on website and social media

  • Roots & Routes Intercultural Collaborations

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    Social & Ecological Justice Campaign

    Listing also found in the ConservationResearch, and Environmental Education tab.

    Contact: Juli Hazlewood, juli@rootsroutes.org 

    Roots & Routes Intercultural Collaborations (Roots & Routes IC) mission is to facilitate sharing knowledge between diverse cultures en route to responsibly stewarding a flourishing living world. Our vision is people standing arm-in-arm to form an Indigenous-led educational exchange network that teaches the world that we are worth more than the resources below our feet.

    The objectives of the projects will vary from quarter to quarter, depending on the needs of the organization. Yet, as the supervisor is also faculty at UCSC, she knows that the students should be involved in meaningful work, and not only busy work. Depending on the interests and skills of the students, we can develop a project that would be useful to the future of bot the student and the organization.

    Some options may be working on a Rights of Nature campaign (for the FIRST Rights of Nature case in the world), organizational media and communications, collaborating on grant applications, helping to write letters/contact partner organizations, establishing a database and/or donorbase, website development, fundraising campaigns (if interested), helping to create community and/or campus events in relation to organizational activities, and so on.

  • Right Livelihood College

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    Right Livelihood College

    Contact: David Shaw, daveshaw@ucsc.edu

    Listing also found on Campus tab.

    This program links faculty & students with 'Alternative Noble Prize' winners for research and education about proven solutions to the world's most pressing global problems. 

    2- and 5- unit interns, and senior project interns, will work in a team to support events, research projects, and awareness raising campaigns.

    For more information visit rightlivelihood.ucsc.edu and rightlivelihoodaward.org


  • Santa Cruz Office of Education

  • County Science Initiative

    Also Under Environmental Education  

    Contact: Amity Sandage, asandage@santacruzcoe.org 

    The COE is preparing to launch a Youth Leadership Council for Sustainability and Environmental Justice. The goals of this program are to increase student voice and agency, and to support environmental action and civic engagement of middle school and high school students around environmental issues they identify as important to them. UCSC interns will play an important role in identifying model programs and potential resources for use in the program, recruitment of student leaders and community partners, co-planning events, and documenting and promoting the program's activities through the website and appropriate media outlets.

    This initiative also includes ongoing work with K-12 teacher leaders and environmental education organization partners who have participated in the COE's Teacher Leadership Institute for Science and Environmental Literacy. Interns will assist in preparations for workshops and events for this group, gather and disseminate resources to teachers and environmental education partners, and assist with ongoing communication among the group. A second internship project (which could possibly be combined with the above as it will likely ultimately be connected to the youth leadership council) is assisting in the development of a plan to support schools and districts in making progress toward greening campuses. "Greening campuses" includes not only adopting policies and sustainable practices for waste management, energy use, water use, etc. but also the creation and use of green spaces--adding nature to campus--that can be used to improve health and wellness as well as provide outdoor classroom space.This internship would involve:

    • gathering information from schools to create a landscape analysis of schools' and
    • districts' current goals and resources in this area
    • researching tools and guides to identify those most useful and
    • organizing/presenting them for ease of use by schools
    • and documenting and promoting progress made by schools in their efforts to
    • green campuses.

  • Save The Waves

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    Licensee Internship

    Listing also found in the Water & Marine-Related and Public Policy tab. 

    Contact: Trey Highton, info@savethewaves.org

    Save The Waves Coalition is a global nonprofit organization that utilizes protected areas, economics, and strategic campaigns to preserve and protect coastal ecosystems and communities. This position will be part of a small, ambitious, and fun team based in Davenport. The right applicant for this job will be enthusiastic about troubleshooting development issues with a website, including but not limited to: custom donation form development, format changes, tutorials and best practices, and helping find creative solutions to website related communications. 

    The primary roles of this position will be:

    • Create and maintain a clean database of potential licensees at academic institutions and environmental organizations throughout the country, organized by region, with a goal of 150 institutions and contacts.
    • Support FF Director and CM in bringing other licensees online as they become known. Ensure they receive licensee content, provide payment to STW, and have questions answered in a timely fashion. 

  • Supply Shift

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    Supply Shift Internship

    Under Public Policy Private Business

    Contact: Hanna Inman, hminman@supplyshift.net 

    SupplyShift is seeking 1-2 motivated interns with strong analytical and Excel skills to work with its implementation staff on two projects next year during winter and spring quarters, possibly longer. Interns have the opportunity to work on a variety of tasks related to assisting customer implementation and support teams, testing new features, and managing their support center articles. The internship requires at least 10 hours a week on an ongoing basis. The internship will begin as credit based, and could convert to a paid position after the first quarter. Course credit can be arranged with the Environmental Studies Internship Office.

  • The Warming Center

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    Homelessness Internship

    Under Public Policy

    Contact: Brent Adams, compassionman@hotmail.com

    Warming Center Program is a coldest/wettest nights’ homeless emergency shelter.  We only open when weather forecasts drop below an activation threshold. We’re seeking someone who will work with the director during the cold-weather shelter season.  The intern will help with temperature-forecast program activation and volunteer coordination as well as other supportive administrative duties.

  • Ventana Wilderness Alliance

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    Youth In Wilderness Intern

    Also Under Environmental Education 

    Contact: Toan Do, toan@ventanawild.org 831-423-3191 (office)

    Youth in Wilderness seeks experienced backpackers and enthusiastic naturalists to assist in the leading of Environmental Education and Service-Learning field outings- Our primary field season is January thru June. We also run a limited number of trips September to November. A positive attitude and a commitment to safety are required. Field Assistants would work closely with YiW Program Manager and YiW Leaders to coordinate and lead backpacking excursions in the Big Sur backcountry. A 2 unit internship--60 field hours-- entails joining 3 wilderness excursions in a quarter. Please inquire about trip schedule.

    For more information check out our website at http://www.ventanawild.org