Public Policy Internships

Save the Beach Flats Community Garden from Small Pumpkin Productions on Vimeo.

    Beach Flats Community Garden

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    Garden Internship

    Listing also found in the Agroecology and Plants and Environmental Justice tab. 

    Contact: Michelle Glowa,; (301) 908-0641

    In this internship students will work with the Beach Flats Community Garden in several capacities. The garden, which has flourished for over 21 years, is located in Santa Cruz in the historically Latino community of Beach Flats lying at the base of the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. It is a space of food production for local consumption contributing to food security and continuation of agroecological traditions and passing along of knowledges from gardeners who have immigrated from Mexico and El Salvador. In addition the garden provides .44 acres of green space in the most densely populated neighborhood of Santa Cruz. Students will work to host events with the gardeners such as movie showings, educational days, and planting/harvest celebrations. Spanish is required.

  • California State Assembly Member Gail Pellerin

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    Public Policy Internship


    Organization/Agency: Office of Assemblymember Gail Pellerin – Student Internships
    Date: Ongoing Supervisor/Sponsor: Lisette Jones
    Supervisor/Sponsor title: Field Representative, Asm. Pellerin
    Address: 701 Ocean Street, Suite 318-B, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

    Contact Email: (preferred)
    Phone: 831-425-1503 

    Internship Gail Pellerin Doc

    Intern Responsibilities:
    General Office Tasks:
    Compiling news clips, opening and
    sorting mail, answering phones, creating certificates of
    recognition and greeting and directing constituents.
    Constituent Correspondence:
    Researching various policy
    and local issues and constructing response letters to
    Constituent Casework:
    Contacting liaisons with state
    agencies to resolve a wide variety of constituent requests
    and issues.
    Legislative & District Research:
    Researching, summarizing
    and briefing staff on various policy or budget issues and
    conducting outreach to stakeholders. Researching and
    familiarizing Field Representatives and the District Director
    with the resources in the new district boundaries

  • Climate Action Network

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    Climate Action Network

    Listing can also be found under Environmental Justice tab

    Contact: Pauline Seales, 

    Tasks include

    • Organizing local events, preparing flyers, posters, website materials and community outreach.
    • Assisting with education projects in schools, after school programs and events such as “Welcome Back Monarchs” Festival.
    • Helping set up web site on “Word Press”
    • General social media help
    • Contacting local media about possible articles on current student projects

  • Central Coast Wetlands Group at Moss Landing Marine Labs

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    Science and Restoration internship

    Listing also found in the Water and Marine-Related tabs. 

    Contact: Kevin O'Connor,

    The Central Coast Wetlands Group is an affiliate research group at Moss Landing Marine Labs focused on the study, preservation, and restoration of wetlands. We work closely with regional and state partners to improve wetland science communication between researchers, resource managers and policy makers. We do this through on the ground research and restoration, the development and dissemination of tools and materials, and through organizing and hosting meetings and symposia that bring groups of people together to increase dialogue.

    We are interested in hosting interns with the right fit for our organization. We seek an intern who is self-motivated, has clear goals, and has a sound scientific background. Due to these requirements, we prefer students who have completed at least 2 years of undergraduate courses.

    The intern would assist with scientific research and monitoring of water quality treatment wetlands and local watersheds. Data analysis and management and other office work that may be needed.  They may also be involved in restoration activities including out-planting, weed control, and habitat monitoring. The balance of these various duties would depend on the season and the need, as well as the abilities and interest of the intern.

    Our office is located in Moss Landing, CA, about half an hour south of Santa Cruz. The intern would have to provide their own transportation to Moss Landing.


  • Committee to Bridge the Gap

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    Environmental Policy Internship

    Listing can also be found under Environmental Justice tab.

    Contact: Haakon Williams,

    Accepting interns in Spring Quarter 2023

    Committee to Bridge the Gap is a non-profit environmental and nuclear policy organization focusing on issues of environmental justice, government transparency, superfund site remediation, and nuclear decommissioning, disarmament, safety and waste disposal. For nearly half a century, Committee to Bridge the Gap has been fighting—and winning—environmental battles that have local, national and international impact.

    Our work is aimed at exposing and correcting the shortcuts taken by polluters and the government agencies which oversee them, and the unholy alliance which exists between them.

    Students will engage in hands-on research in teams with experienced environmental policy staff. Collaboration between CBG and other organizations, policymakers, and established journalists is frequent. Students will learn the nitty-gritty of actually affecting environmental policy and make real contributions to the environment at the same time.

    Current projects include research and policy work on behalf of environmental justice communities in San Francisco and Los Angeles that are burdened with toxic contamination, and research and advocacy work on federal issues relating to high-level nuclear waste. This internship will continue to be remote for the time being. Learn more about us here.

  • Eat for the Earth

  • Eat for the Earth Logo

    Eat for the Earth Internship

    Listing can also be found under Environmental Justice

    Contact Person: Beth,

    Eat for the Earth makes it easier for people to eat more plants and less animal products to sustain the habitability of our earth. The movement was launched in Santa Cruz in January, 2019, and is gaining traction locally was well as outside of our local area. We accomplish our objective by engaging in systems change projects in partnership with institutions such as government, education, media, corporations, nonprofits, and faith-based organizations. Each project is designed to implement policies and/or practices that increase plant consumption and decrease animal product consumption. As we work with our partners in the development and implementation of these projects, we create models that are replicable in diverse settings. In order to maximize our effectiveness and reach, we provide tools and support for activist groups in communities around the world to establish similar activities in partnership with their local institutions. 

  • Environteers

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    Listing also found in Environmental Education and Summer tabs.

    Contact: Andrew Carman Cell: (831-332-0523) 

    Are you excited about promoting environmental awareness and action? Are you eager to learn how to inspire participation in environmental protection? needs interns to connect the UCSC community to opportunities to engage in environmental activities. Our free resource, the Environteers Weekly Update, empowers participation by publicizing the environmental education and volunteer activities of all Santa Cruz.
    County organizations, as well as state and national groups. Interns are needed with strong interests in leveraging social and news media on campus and identifying other avenues for inviting students, faculty, and staff to utilize our resources.

    The website and Weekly Update e-newsletter are dedicated to making it easy to stay informed of environmental issues and to quickly and easily take action. We publicize the educational and volunteer activities of all of 100+ Santa Cruz County environmental entities as well as those of several state
    and national groups. The Update is the most useful and engaging environmental newsletter for our County. The Update always has beautiful photos, fascinating & informative articles, compelling action items, and good news, and it’s free! It is a powerful resource for all who are committed to being informed and in action protecting and restoring our environment. There are currently over 1100 subscribers in the county. The role of the intern is to connect the UCSC campus community to opportunities to engage in environmental activities by using the Environteers Weekly Update. You will not be asking your community for any money or time
    commitment. Rather you are offering a free and convenient resource for helping fulfill their need to make a difference. We need interns who are: passionate about promoting engagement in environmental action, self-motivating, and effective communicators.

    The specific tasks include:
    1. Develop social media presence on campus
    2. Working with campus media (radio, newspaper) to publicize
    3. Contacting instructors & professors of ES & other sciences to
    create opportunities to inform their students
    4. Working with the campus organizations, e.g., the Sustainability
    Office, to utilize their communication channels.

  • Food Chain Radio

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    Food Chain Radio

    Listing also found in Agroecology and Plants tab.

    Contact: Michael Olson;; (831)566-4209

    Food Chain Radio, for those who are interested in environmental journalism, is a nationally-syndicated newstalk program that brings the issues of agriculture, food and environment to the table for discussion.  Having broadcast over 750 shows, the Food Chain has established a dedicated audience of interested listeners throughout the world.

    For more information please visit the website.

  • Habitat For Humanity ReStore

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    Social Media Intern

    Listing also found in Alternative Energy tab.

    Contact: Allie Willson,

    Habitat for Humanity Monterey Bay operates ReStore Santa Cruz, located on the Westside of Santa Cruz on Swift St. ReStores are retail outlets that sell donated furniture, appliances and building materials. The store is open to the public and all proceeds help build affordable homes in Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties. We are looking for someone to continue to bring customers and donors into the store and increase exposure throughout Santa Cruz County.

  • John Laird State Senator

  • State Senator Internship

    Sen. John Laird


    The Santa Cruz District Office of State Senator John Laird is seeking dedicated interns.  This is a wonderful opportunity for students to gain valuable experience working in a state legislator’s district office. 

    Intern Responsibilities

    • General Office Tasks: Compiling news clips, opening and sorting mail, answering phones, creating certificates of recognition and greeting and directing constituents.
    • Constituent Correspondence: Researching various policy and local issues and constructing response letters to constituents. 
    • Constituent Casework: Contacting liaisons with state agencies to resolve a wide variety of constituent requests and issues. 
    • Legislative Research: Researching, summarizing and briefing staff on various policy or budget issues and conducting outreach to stakeholders. 

  • International Dark-Sky Association

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    Santa Cruz Chapter

    Available Fall and Spring quarter only

    Contact: Lisa Heschong, (916) 396-6357,

    Students will interview and work with Santa Cruz city staff and elected officials to test and improve California light pollution codes. Must have GIS analysis skills and ability to attend some evening community meetings. This is a 2 quarter project commitment.

  • Regeneración: Pajaro Valley Climate Action

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    Planning Internship

    Listing can also be found under Environmental Justice tab.

    Contact: Nancy Faulstich and Eloy Ortiz at

    Planning Internship

    Role of Intern: Assist with the administrative processes and social media for a two-year planning grant centered in the Pajaro Valley; edit online website, forms, and spreadsheets; send reminders to participants; grow list of e-news subscribers and followers. Depending on the candidate, may assist with content development. Students who are multilingual in Spanish and/or Mixteco are encouraged to apply.

    Objectives for one quarter internship:

      • Assist in the development of online administrative documents using Google Suite (Docs, Forms, Sheets)
      • Develop and Post 2-3 times a week on social media (Facebook and Instagram) Increase number of social media followers in one quarter by 50
      • Assist with documentation and meeting reminder phone calls and texts
      • Take photos, video, and record testimonials at events and post on website and social media
  • 2-Unit Internship

  • Santa Cruz Farmers Market

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    Listing also found in the Agroecology and Plants 

    SCCFM Internship

    Contact: Nicole Zahm,

    The Santa Cruz Community FarmersMarkets internship positions require 6 – 10 hours of work per week. The focus of these internships is to learn the basic mechanics of running farmers’ markets and to support SCCFM’s educational and community outreach projects. There are also opportunities for students with special interests and skills such as photography, research, graphic design, event planning, etc.

    Interns learn on the ground and with support from market managers and the Education and Events Coordinator. Work responsibilities include set-up and breakdown of farmersmarkets and running the information table. The information table is the market hub for the CalFresh Program (EBT/foodstamps) and other food access programs. Interns also assist with the organization and production of The Foodshed Project (FSP) and other educational event series at the markets.

    Summer interns have the opportunity to work with teen staff - graduates of the youth empowerment program “Food What?!”. Spring and summer interns may also have the opportunity to support event planning and production for the Pop-Up Breakfast Series at the Westside and Scotts Valley markets between June and August.

  • Save The Waves

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    Licensee Internship

    Listing also found in the Water & Marine-Related tab. 

    Contact: Trey Highton,

    Save The Waves Coalition is a global nonprofit organization that utilizes protected areas, economics, and strategic campaigns to preserve and protect coastal ecosystems and communities. This position will be part of a small, ambitious, and fun team based in Davenport. The right applicant for this job will be enthusiastic about troubleshooting development issues with a website, including but not limited to: custom donation form development, format changes, tutorials and best practices, and helping find creative solutions to website related communications. 

    The primary roles of this position will be:

    • Create and maintain a clean database of potential licensees at academic institutions and environmental organizations throughout the country, organized by region, with a goal of 150 institutions and contacts.
    • Support FF Director and CM in bringing other licensees online as they become known. Ensure they receive licensee content, provide payment to STW, and have questions answered in a timely fashion. 

  • Supply Shift

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    Supply Shift Internship

    Also Under Environmental Justice & Private Business

    Contact: Tracey Brown,

    SupplyShift is seeking 1-2 motivated interns with strong writing and editing skills. The interns will work on tasks like conducting research and developing and editing marketing copy related to a variety of supply chain sustainability topics. The internship requires at least 10 hours a week on an ongoing basis. The internship will begin as credit based, and could convert to a paid position after the first quarter. Course credit can be arranged with the Environmental Studies Internship Office. Please send your resume and a writing sample to for consideration for these positions.

  • The Warming Center

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    Homelessness Internship

    Also Under Environmental Justice Tab

    Contact: Brent Adams,

    Warming Center Program is a coldest/wettest nights’ homeless emergency shelter.  We only open when weather forecasts drop below an activation threshold. We’re seeking someone who will work with the director during the cold-weather shelter season.  The intern will help with temperature-forecast program activation and volunteer coordination as well as other supportive administrative duties.