Private Business Internships

    Adventure Out LLC

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    Adventure Out LLC

    Listing also found in Environmental Education tab.

    Contact: Cliff Hodges,, (800)509-3954       

    Adventure Out is an outdoor guide service and instructional school based in Santa Cruz, CA.  Our programs include Surf Camps, Rock Climbing, Backpacking Trips, Wilderness Survival Skills Classes, and several other multi-activity Adventure Trips.  Internship duties take of a wide range of tasks from program instruction assistants, to office work, to marketing and advertising projects. For more information please visit the website.

  • Allterra Environmental, Inc.

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    Allterra Environmental, Inc.

    Listing also found in the Alternative Energy tab. 

    Contact: David Stearns, Sales & Communications Manager

    Email:;  Phone: (831)419-0565

    Allterra Environmental, Inc. (Allterra) is a locally owned full service environmental consulting company looking for motivated students interested in careers in sustainability. Allterra’s Renewable Energy division is looking for two (possibly more) students to assist in the areas of outreach, sales, regulatory compliance, solar design, and assorted office tasks for the duration of Fall quarter. We encourage students to continue the internship for winter and spring quarters as well.

    You will meet and interact with city officials, leading business people, and civic leaders on a regular basis. The internship will include 4-6 hours of event staffing or canvassing per week. Lunch will be provided on all event/canvassing days!

    For more information...

  • Beauregard Vineyards

  • Beauregard Vineyards

    Contact: Ryan Bearegard, (831)425-7777,

    Beauregard Vineyards is offering interns a chance to work on one of the regions premier vineyards: Bald Mountain Vineyard, located in Bonny Doon very close to UCSC. Projects will be: assistance with pruning, gopher management, owl box monitoring.  We are also amidst a partial repant of the vineyard so interns will assist in removal of old vine trellising. There will be no work when it is raining. 

  • Christiansen Associates Garden and Design

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    Organic Landscape Gardening

    Listing also found in the Agroecology and Plants tab. 

    Contact: Kurt Christiansen, (831)458-2005 

    Christiansen Associates Gardens and Design is an organic landscape company. We design, install and maintain gardens organically for people to live in and enjoy. We specialize in edible landscapes, Mediterranean-native plants, ponds and waterfalls, organic soil preparation and organic pest management. Check out the website! 

  • College of Botanical Healing Arts

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    College of Botanical Healing Arts

    Listing also found in the Summer tab.
    Contact Person: Mary Adams,  (831)462-1807
    We are looking for an independent, business-minded, curious individual who is open to learning new things and assisting in an array of activities for our non-profit college. Our ideal candidate is punctual, reliable, and communicates well and honestly. This is an excellent position for people who are interested in holistic health, the medical field, education, office management and assistance, marketing, and more. Our office is a outside scent-free, peaceful environment and our staff is small. The community at the school is tightly knit and very loving. We will do anything we can to help you achieve your goals as long as we see that you are doing the same for our college! We rely heavily on donations to keep our college running, so we need someone who will be serious about their duties in fundraising (events), marketing, and communicating with local and global grant programs. 

  • Ecostruction

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    Contact: Mitchel Slade 831.427.1600

    Ecostruction is a fourteen year old sustainable design and building company. Our firm specializes in developing communities that are healthy, functional and sustainable. The company was founded on principals of sustainable building, and we have proceeded with that intention throughout its duration. We pride ourselves on developing some of the first permitted, sustainable structures in many cities and counties throughout California. We are not a conventional building company making an attempt to become a ‘green’ building company. We take much pride in our work, and as such, our team holds the bar very high. For More information...

  • Environmental Innovations (EI)

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    Environmental Innovations

    We are hoping to get an intern this Fall quarter to support our outreach efforts. We ask for a 3 quarter commitment, the first quarter is a trial period with a $500 stipend and then if it works well we move them to hourly part time employee status. Key responsibilities include organizing meetings and other events, providing sustainability technical assistance to businesses, customer service and sales within the business community, data analysis and reporting, and social media and marketing. Spanish speaking is a strong consideration for this position. If you are, looking for more information, then please look here or here!


  • Kindred Herbs

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    Kindred Herbs Internship

    Contact: Cameron Salomon, Owner;; (831)204-0331

    Kindred Herbs is a specialty medicinal plant nursery growing herbs from around the world. The nursery produces herb starts and plants to sell direct to customers. In the Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons, an intern will help seed and transplant herbs, label plants, water and fertilize, do some light construction, help maintain the nursery site. The intern(s) may also have the option to help develop materia medica, which is literature material about herbs including it's botanical description, growth habit, growing conditions, medicinal use.

  • Madson Wines

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    Madson Wines

    Contact: Cole Thomas,,(831)345-9834

    Interns will help farm vineyards, make and bottle wine, manage business operations and create social media content. We are looking for someone with good communication skills with a desire to work hard and learn
    about wine and farming.

    Interns must be 21+ years of age.

  • Marc Shargel: Living Sea Images

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    Digital Photography Library Intern

    Listing also found in Water & Marine-Related tab. 

    Contact: Marc Shargel; marc@lumigenic.com831-335-4849 

    Marc Shargel has worked extensively with marine conservation NGO’s, and served on the Marine Life Protection Act Central Coast Regional Stakeholder Group. His first underwater marine-life photography book, Wonders of the Sea: North Central California's Living Marine Riches, was released in 2008. His second Wonders of the Sea Volume Two: Marine Jewels of Southern California's Coast and Islands came out the following year. In 2010 he published Wonders of the Sea Volume Three: Hidden Treasures of California’s Far North Coast. (See them online at Our photo files currently contain about 9,000 images, with over 5,000 now online.

    We are looking for an intern with skills in both marine biology and database management to work on:

    • Keeping this library current, our biological identifications accurate, and the uploads to our image library up to date, is an ongoing challenge for a person with skills in both marine biology and database management
    • Getting our imagery in front of photo editors and other potential buyers is an exercise in marketing, sales, and business management.

    Our database is written and maintained using PHP/MySQL with a web interface. The intern will use this system to add images to the online library. In addition they may use Photoshop or similar software to prepare images for web display.

    For More information...

  • Santa Cruz Permaculture

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    10-Unit or Senior Internship

    Listing also found in Agroecology and Plants tab

    Contact Person: David Shaw,

    Santa Cruz Permaculture provides community development, land stewardship, holistic education, and eco-social design services for a thriving, just and sustainable world. I am looking to sponsor senior internships with qualified students interested in learning and practicing permaculture design in our community. This will include “dirt time” with gardening and land stewardship, as well as “social entrepreneurship” skills needed to run a successful business or non-profit organization. Interns will learn practical skills for personal and professional development that are applicable in a wide variety of fields.

    Specific projects will vary based on the interns passion and skills. Projects may include:

    • Land-based restoration including installation and maintenance of resilient food and water systems at both urban and rural scales. This is a primary way that the interns will learn and contribute.
    • Attendance and support for the Santa Cruz Permaculture Design Course, and other workshops
    • Hosting community forums to learn about issues of social justice and sustainability, and to create a stronger group of people for getting things done
    • Creation of a Santa Cruz Bioregional Directory, a yellow pages of sustainable solutions
    • Creation of a Santa Cruz Permaculture course website with course notes, videos, articles, etc.
    • Social documentation including: writing a monthly eNewsletter, making Facebook posts, taking photos and videos

    Check out these videos ( ( to get an idea of what you can do!

    This is a 6-month internship, 5 units per quarter offered twice a year (fall/winter and spring/summer)

    Here is our internship application form that is needed to complete!

  • 2-Unit Internship

    Listing also found in Agroecology and Plants tab

    Contact Person: David Shaw,

    Santa Cruz Permaculture provides community development, land stewardship, holistic education, and eco-social design services for a thriving, just, and sustainable world. See for details about the organization.

    * Help Create a Bioregional Directory for Santa Cruz! *
    Imagine a “green pages” for the greater Santa Cruz / Monterey Bay area that helps people connect with local organizations and businesses, and identify ways to make our community more sustainable. A beta version is live at and we want your help making the first major draft.

    You’ll learn about a wide range of organizations and sustainable practices in your own backyard, and make a real contribution towards the future of our community. Furthermore, we hope that our bioregional directory will provide a template for other communities world-wide.

    The internship primarily includes researching local organizations, and creating entries in our wiki that include text, photos and videos. It may also include taking photographs and making videos related to permaculture as needed as well as helping promote the directory. Occasionally this position may also contribute to the Santa Cruz Permaculture blog.

    This is a 1-quarter 2-unit internship offered every quarter. Please see our other listing for the 6-month 10-unit internship offered twice a year (fall/winter, and spring/summer).

    Here is our internship application form that is needed to complete!

  • SupplyShift

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    Supply Shift Internship

    Also Under Public Policy & Environmental Justice

    Contact: Hanna Inman, 

    SupplyShift is seeking 1-2 motivated interns with strong analytical and Excel skills to work with its implementation staff on two projects next year during winter and spring quarters, possibly longer. Interns have the opportunity to work on a variety of tasks related to assisting customer implementation and support teams, testing new features, and managing their support center articles. The internship requires at least 10 hours a week on an ongoing basis. The internship will begin as credit based, and could convert to a paid position after the first quarter. Course credit can be arranged with the Environmental Studies Internship Office.