ENVS Class of 2021 Graduation Celebration


Graduating is one of the biggest achievements under any circumstance. All of you have probably faced many individual challenges to get to where you are today. We know for a fact that so many of you worked several jobs, had difficult roommates, took care of family members, and had so many other obstacles in your way. On top of that, you also had to face the increasing reality of climate change and our rapid changes in the state of our earth. And then...our whole world flipped upside down with a global pandemic, keeping you away from your friends, learning remotely, and adjusting to difficult environments. 
If the coronavirus has taught us anything, it's the important role that science plays in developing solutions. There definitely is a trade-off (both positive and negative) when it comes to this pandemic's impact on the Earth's environment. As a result, the pandemic has caused many to rethink how we live our lives and where our values really lie. That is why you, an Environmental Studies graduate, advocate, and scholar, are so important. As we continue to fight the oppressors, evils, and deniers of climate change and the importance of our beautiful earth, our department will never forget this resilient, strong, and powerful class of 2021. And most importantly, it gives us all a lot of hope and light into the world ahead of us. 
Thank you to those that attended today's celebration. Even though it was virtual, we felt the warmth and presence of each other through the chat, the messages, and the celebration. If you missed our gathering today or you would like to share it with other folx, please use the link below: https://drive.google.com/file/d/104IO4kart5c7yzy3Xgmr-P8kZIOvsA9f/view?usp=sharing You can also watch segments of the celebration on the Marching Order website for up to one year, along with other celebrations/ceremonies starting June 11th at 12PM PST.