Discover more about the Enviornmental Studies department through these videos produced by students, faculty and broadcast media that feature research and work we do on campus and in the wider community.
  • Alicia Calle

    Alicia Calle RIFA Fellowship

    Graduate student and RIFA Fellow Alicia Calle shares her research on silvopastoral systems in Colombia. Watch »
  • Justine Smith & Chris Wilmers

    Mountain lions are terrified by the voices of Rush Limbaugh and Rachel Maddow

    The Washington Post reported on a new study by Justine Smith and Chris Wilmers that established that pumas are afraid of humans. Read more and watch >>
  • Mark Bittman

    California Matters: The Roots of Organic Farming on Campus

    Food critic and New York Times columnist Mark Bittman learns about the innovative apprenticeship program at UC Santa Cruz that aims to improve the way we eat, farm and garden. Watch >>

  • Grad Slam

    Justine Smith's Winning Grad Slam YouTube

    Watch the YouTube video of Justine Smith, Environmental Studies Graduate Student, and UCSC Grad Slam Winner 2015. She will go on the present at the UC system-wide finals in May in Oakland.

    Also known as the 3 Minute Thesis® competition, started by the University of Queensland, Australia, the UCSC Grad Slam challenges graduate students to present a compelling presentation of their dissertation research in just three minutes. Discover More >>

  • Asombro

    Watch 'Junior scientists use rainout shelters'

    Stephanie Haan-Amato, a UC Santa Cruz Environmental Studies alumnas, now works in environmental education. Here is a video about one of the studies she is leading to show students the impacts of climate change on vegetation.
  • puma on a treadmill

    Watch 'UC Santa Cruz Puma Study'

    Study of mountain lion energetics shows the power of the pounce. High-tech collars enable scientists to record the energetics of mountain lion hunting behavior, showing why cats use "stalk and pounce" and how they overpower large prey.

    Environmental Studies professor, Chris Wilmers, is coauthor on this new study.

    Discover more >>

  • Wong

    Watch 'UC Santa Cruz pioneers in organic, sustainable farming'

    KSBW visited the Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Farm Systems (CASFS) in light of the UC Global Food Initiative, a new program that addresses the critical issue of supplying nutritious and sustainable food to people around the world. 

    The new Global Food Initiative reflects the efforts the CASFS make to increase social justice in the food and agriculture system. Watch now >>

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    Watch 'Waste to Energy Systems in Santa Cruz'

    Environmental Studies student Evan Schell's senior project examines the feasibility of implementing waste to energy systems in Santa Cruz. UC Santa Cruz students in the IDEASS program alongside local stakeholders discuss the potential for creating a sustainable energy recovery system linked to the city's waste stream.

    Learn more >>

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    Watch "Ecology Action's Bike Movement"

    For more than 27 years Ecology Action has been at the forefront of promoting sustainable transportation. They have implemented their Bike to Work and Bike to School programs all throughout Santa Cruz county.

    View now >>