Frequently Asked Questions


What is an enrollment hold? How do I get a hold removed?

If you are a 2nd year and haven’t declared by your sixth quarter, or are a transfer student and haven’t declared by the 4th week of your second quarter at UCSC, then you will receive an enrollment hold placed on your UCSC account. This means you will not be able to enroll into classes until you have the hold removed. First, meet with your college advisor to learn how to remove your hold. Then, come into ENVS Advising to make an academic plan. 

Can I take lower division requirements concurrently with ENVS 100/L?

No, you must have all lower division courses complete before 100/L. Please check your corresponding major requirements checklist to see what those requirements are! If you are concerned about progress, please come see us in advising!

How do I get advising? Do I need an appointment?

Please see our advising page to see what kinds of advising options are available each quarter. 

What can I do with an ENVS degree?

Although your prospects for a job are enhanced by graduate training, many of our undergraduates have gone directly into relevant careers. Whether you want to go to graduate school or find a job, the basic rule is to take the initiative and do your homework. Research jobs and schools, and speak with the staff at the UCSC Career Center. Talk with people, especially environmental studies faculty. Do an internship. Explore the options. Click here to see positions held by some of our alumni.

Do I have to take ENVS courses for letter grades?  What about Pass/No Pass?

Most ENVS major courses can be taken for pass/no pass. You do need to keep track of the percentage of all courses you take for pass/no pass grading and be sure to not exceed the 25% maximum. You can check your percentage of pass/no pass courses on your student center ->student advising summary ->statistics tab. However, there are 2 important exceptins to this general guideline:

       1. Students pursuing the combined major with biology must take ALL courses for a letter grade.
       2. All of the Senior Comprehensive Courses (aka senior exit classes) must be taken for a letter grade.

Please confirm with our advising office for the most updated P/NP policy each quarter.

What's an independent study and how do I set one up?

An independent study is a two- or five-credit lower or upper division course designed by you and a faculty sponsor. It could be a lab, field, or library research project. Independent studies or Internships (5 credit) will apply to the single major as one of the upper division electives. However, this option is only available for the single major, not for any of the combined majors.
The steps to enroll are:
  1. Meet with your faculty sponsor to discuss the plan.
  2. Fill out the form with your sponsor, sign it and obtain the enrollment course number from the sponsor.

How do I complete the Senior Comp Requirement (aka Senior Exit)?

Please read the Senior Comprehensive Requirement page.

What's the best way to get a letter of recommendation from the faculty?

See " How to Ask Faculty for a Letter of Recommendation"

I'm planning to graduate at the end of next quarter; what do I need to do?

Please do the following at least a quarter before you graduate:

Step 1) Meet with your college advisers to complete a graduation check. You'll want to meet with them to see if you have all of your non-major graduation requirements completed, such as your units, GE's, etc.

Step 2) Meet with your major and/or minor advisers to also complete a graduation check. You'll want to make sure you see what requirements you have completed or still have remaining.

Step 3) During the quarter you plan to graduate or a quarter before, apply to graduate through your myUCSC portal by the announcing candidcy for degree deadline on the academic calendar


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