Qualifying and Declaring the Major

TO DECLARE: 4 Easy Steps  

  1. Check  to see if you qualify to declare (see Major Qualification page here).  
  2. Attend an ENVS declaration workshop.  These hour-long workshops are held each quarter (Fall, Winter and Spring). In the workshop, we answer all of your questions about the major and help you create a full academic plan to reach your degree using the formal UCSC Academic Planning Form.  
  3. After the workshop, meet with an ENVS faculty member to discuss your plan and get a signature. If you are a combined major, a double major and or a major/minor, bring your plan to your second advisor for their signature.
  4. Turn your paperwork in to the ENVS advising office.

Spring Quarter Declaration Workshops

All students are required to attend a workshop to declare a major in our department. To prepare for a workshop, take a look at the upper division courses that interest you on our Courses section of this website or come by the ENVS advising office for course suggestions. 

*Each workshop is an hour long; please plan accordingly.

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