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Drop-in Advising Hours



Advising is one way to make the most of your university experience. The advising system at UC Santa Cruz is amazing, and we encourage you to use it often. Ask questions, seek advice, and make decisions that work best for you.

Our office is staffed by Peer Advisors and a Department Advisor. Our Peer Advisors are ENVS majors trained to advise students in all things ENVS. They speak from their own experience, are super friendly, and are an excellent resource. Peer advisors are available during our drop-in advising times (see below). The Department Advisor is also available for one-on-one appointments to discuss and clarify any ENVS program policy and to advise students in all aspects of ENVS.

Peer Advisors 


Felix Vazquez

I am an ENVS major, although I'm exploring other double majors, most likely history. Heading into my third year, I'm super excited to continue advising, tutoring, TA’ing, and doing research. If you are interested in talking about any of those things, feel free to talk to me!

My parents are from Argentina and Uruguay and I was born in Venice, Los Angeles. Unsurprisingly, I love going to the beach. Some of my favorite things include books such as Name of the Wind and Kafka on the Shore, movies such as Manchester by the Sea and Sorry to Bother You, and games such as Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Francisca Fazzio
Starting my Junior year as an Environmental Studies major at UCSC and planning to graduate this spring, I am here to ensure you that a little bit of good planning can go a long way. I'm happy to talk to you about anything ranging from the Environmental Studies major to life in and around Santa Cruz. Having had an internship and fellowship in my past two years in Santa Cruz, I would be glad to talk about my experience and how you can get ahead. 
I frequent dog beaches, Swanton Berry Farm, and the trails of the Santa Cruz mountains. My specialties include being organized, finding cats when out and about, and making homemade gingerbread cookies. I played competitive soccer for 16 years with the club MVLA and currently do kickboxing with FitLife. Growing up over the hill in San Jose, I consider myself to know the area fairly well and would be happy to make recommendations for food or fun!
Gabriella Contreras
Hello all! I am a second year student pursuing the ENVS single major and Education minor. I am from Stockton, CA, a very diverse town in the Central Valley. My favorite things to do are watch cooking shows, bake, and cuddle with my cat. I am also a vegetarian. I chose to pursue ENVS because I have always loved being in natural spaces. I am looking forward to assisting and getting to know you all as you come in for advising! 

Undergraduate Advisor

Riri Shibata

I recently joined the ENVS department after graduating from UCSC in Environmental Studies and Legal Studies. As a fellow Banana Slug and with my previous experience as a peer advisor, I am excited to share opportunities and experiences, and learn more from current students through their academic journies. 

As the Department Advisor, I'm ready to help students with degree planning, career exploration, and approval signatures on various official forms (Academic Plans, Major Declaration Petition, Major Adviser Verification, Part-Time Approval, EAP Planning Form, etc.).

My Spring Drop-in Advising hours are: 
Tuesday 10:00AM-12:00PM
Wednesday 9:00AM-10:30AM
Thursday 10:00AM-12:00PM; 2:00PM-4:00PM
Friday 1:00PM-3:00PM

If you would like to schedule an appointment, please use slug success. Instructions for making an appointment can be found HERE

 Advising Office: ISB 4th Floor, room 405
Undergraduate Advisor: Riri Shibata
Peer Advisors: Felix Vazquez, Francisca Fazzio & Gabriella Contreras