Qualifying and Declaring the Major

TO DECLARE: 4 Easy Steps  

  1. Check  to see if you qualify to declare (see Major Qualification page here).  
  2. Attend a mandatory ENVS declaration workshop.  These hour-long workshops are held each quarter (Fall, Winter and Spring). In the workshop, we answer all of your questions about the major and help you create a full academic plan to reach your degree using the formal UCSC Academic Planning Form. *If you do not attend a workshop, you will not be able to declare.*
  3. After the workshop, meet with an ENVS faculty member to discuss your plan and get a signature. If you are a combined major, a double major and or a major/minor, bring your plan to your second advisor for their signature.
  4. Turn your paperwork in to the ENVS advising office.

Winter Quarter 2020 Declaration Workshops

Winter 2020 declaration workshop dates and sign-ups will be available a week before Winter quarter. Please check back in and make sure to sign up!

All students are required to attend a workshop to declare a major in our department. To prepare for a workshop, take a look at the upper division courses that interest you on our Courses section of this website or come by the ENVS advising office for course suggestions. *Each workshop is an hour long; please plan accordingly. If you cannot attend, please let us know at least 1 week in advance.