Environmental Studies/Biology Combined B.A.

Program Description

This course of study provides students with the basic tools of biological science and sufficient understanding of resource conservation, conservation biology, and concerns about environmental sustainability.  The Environmental Studies/Biology degree program prepares students for graduate school or a career in the areas of conservation biology, restoration ecology, and other allied interdisciplinary life science fields. Students wishing to enter into specific graduate programs or seeking specific career certifications such as wildlife biologist need to check the requirements of each program and may need to add elements to their curriculum.  

Course Requirements

ENVS/BIO Combined B.A. Major Worksheet (PDF)

The following information is from the 2022-2023 catalog requirements, effective Fall 2022. For prior catalog years, please visit this website.


Important: All ENVS/BIO major requirements must be taken for a letter grade. 

Lower Division Course Requirements (11 courses)

  • ENVS 25 Environmental Policy & Economics (Winter and Summer only)
  • MATH 3 Precalculus or STAT 3 Precalculus for the Social Sciences or ALEKS MPE 300+ or AP CALC 3+
  • STAT 7/L Statistical Methods for the Biological, Environmental, and Health Sciences
  • One of the following (SOCY/ANTH/PHIL): SOCY 1, 10, 15, ANTH 2, PHIL 22, 24, 28, 80G
  • BIOL 20A Cell and Molecular Biology
  • BIOE 20B Development and Physiology
  • BIOE 20C Ecology and Evolution
  • CHEM 1A General Chemistry
  • CHEM 1B General Chemistry
  • CHEM 1C/N General Chemistry
  • PHYS 1 Conceptual Physics (Winter only) or PHYS 6A/L Introduction to Physics I

Upper division Course Requirements (10 Courses)

  • ENVS 100/L Ecology and Society (Winter and Spring only)
    • Prerequisites: ENVS 23/CHEM 1A, ENVS 24/BIOE 20C, AM 3/MATH 3/ALEKS score of 300+, ENVS 25, STAT 7/L, SOCY/ANTH/PHIL, and WRIT 2
  • 1 ENVS Upper Division from the Social Sciences list: see elective spreadsheet for details
  • 2 ENVS Upper Division Electives : Any ENVS course numbered 101-179 will count as an upper division elective (no substitutions, internships, independent studies accepted)
  • BIOL 105 Genetics
  • BIOE 109 Evolution
  • 1 Lab Based Upper Division Course (Choose one of the following; students must enroll into concurrent lab if applicable):
    • BIOE 112/L, 114/L, 117/L, 120/L, 122/L, 124/L, 127/L, 128L, 129/L, 131/L, 133/L, 134/L, 135/L, 137/L, 141L; 142L; 145L; 150L; 151B; 155L; 158L; 159D; 161L; 163/L, 172/L
    • BIOL 100L; 105L; 109L; 110L; 115L; 120L; 121L; 178L; 186R; 
    • ENVS 104A/L, 106A/M, 107A-C, 108/L, 109B; 130A/L, 162/L, 163/L, 167/L
  • 2 BIOL/BIOE Upper Division Electives

Senior Exit Requirement (Students choose 1 of the 6 options below)


Which GEs will get satisfied by this major?

It depends on which classes you take! Please refer to this chart to see which of your GE requirements may be satisfied by taking major courses for any of our majors. If you need help understanding the chart, please speak to ENVS advising.