ENVS Senior Thesis, Internship Archive

Undergraduates in Environmental Studies at UC Santa Cruz have produced more than 2,200 senior theses and senior internship projects since 1966.  We have captured these valuable scholarly contributions in digital format and make them available for appropriate use by the UCSC community.
Authors of the theses retain copyright; access to the searchable EndnoteWeb database and the pdfs is restricted to the UCSC community.   

Please click here and login using your ucsc address for instructions on how to access the EndnoteWeb database and download the pdfs.   

For your convenience, and for people outside the UCSC community, we provide access here to a tab-delimited, tagged citation library that you can import into the database manager of your choice (e.g., Zotero, Mendeley, Endnote, Procite).  This file is not necessarily as up to date as the UCSC-direct access EndnoteWeb database – it is refreshed periodically.   

Download the 1.4 MB text file here.   

To report errors or special requests: If you find errors that should be fixed in the database, or have special requests, please report them to envstheses@gmail.com.  

This thesis archive brought to you through support from the Pepper-Giberson Chair in Environmental Studies (Dr. Gregory S. Gilbert), the Alfred E. Heller Chair in Agroecology (Dr. Stephen R. Gliessman), the Department of Environmental Studies, the UCSC Center for Integrated Spatial Research, and the UCSC Library.