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Allison Skidmore
  • Title
    • PhD Student
  • Division Graduate Studies Division
  • Department
    • Environmental Studies Department
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    • NS2 481
  • Office Hours By appointment
  • Mail Stop Environmental Studies

Research Interests

My research interests include:

  • Illegal wildlife trade/wildlife crime
  • US environmental policy
  • Endangered species conservation 
  • Regulations surrounding the private ownership of tigers in the US

Broadly my research is focused on the laws and regulations pertaining to the private ownership of tigers in the United States, including the development of current policies, how they vary across states, how they are interpreted in practice and the problems associated with existing regulations. I also plan to explore the connection connection between tigers in captivity in the US and the black market trade in their parts, specifically tiger bone, and if, how and to what extent US bred tigers are entering the domestic black market trade