Maywa Montenegro
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    • Assistant Professor (starting 2020)
  • Division Social Sciences Division
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    • Environmental Studies Department
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    831-459-4837 (Department Manager Lin Weyers)
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    • Interdisciplinary Sciences Building, On leave. Start date is 7/1/20
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    • MS-ENVS

Summary of Expertise

Political ecology and agroecology, agricultural biotechnology (CRISPR-Cas9), STS, transitions to sustainable food systems, seeds and agrobiodiversity, food sovereignty, knowledge politics and epistemic diversity

Selected Publications


Peer-reviewed Articles

  1. Montenegro de Wit, M.,† A. Roman-Alcalá,† S. Chrisman, and A. Liebman. In Review. The agrarian origins of authoritarian rural populism in the United States: What can we learn from 20th century struggles in California and the Midwest? Journal of Rural Studies, special issue on Authoritarian Populism and Emancipatory Rural Politics in the United States and Puerto Rico. († authors contributed equally.)


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  1. Montenegro de Wit, M. 2017. Stealing Into the Wild: Conservation Science, Plant Breeding, and the Makings of New Seed Enclosures. Journal of Peasant Studies 44(1): 169-212. (View PDF)


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Reference Volumes, Book Reviews, and Book Chapters

  1. Montenegro de Wit, M. In press. Beating the Bounds: Inside the struggle to make open-source seed. In The Great Awakening: New Modes of Life Amidst Capitalist Ruins, eds. A. Grear and D. Bollier. Punctum Press.


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Policy Briefs

   1.    Louafi, S., I. Westphal, M. Montenegro, D. Manzella, G. Otieno, S. Steigerwald, and J. Kloppenburg. 2018. “Open Source for Seeds and Genetic Sequence Data: Practical experience and future strategies,” CIRAD Policy Brief, No. 49, December. (View PDF)


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