Internship Program Updated for Spring 2022



Do not submit this form until you have received confirmation that you have an internship placement and are pursuing a sponsorship from an ENVS faculty member. If you know you want to do an internship but unsure of where to start please View Available Internships and the FAQ page, or email us at

*** Spring Quarter 2022 IMPORTANT DATES! ***


Monday, March 28th

Instruction Begins

Tuesday, April 12th

Last day to enroll in an internship

Friday, April 15th

Last day to drop a course without a "W"
Friday, May 6th

Add by Petition Deadline (Happy Valentine's Day!)

Friday, May 6th


Midterm report due by 5pm


Monday, May 30th




Friday, June 3rd



Last day of class, all work due to Canvas, all evaluations from agency sponsors are due

                   June 6-9 is Finals Week

             Summer Session begins June 20th




Chris Krohn
 Environmental Studies Internship Co-Coordinator

Chris Krohn's Office Hours on Zoom

Friday--Office Closed. Chris Krohn is
available via Zoom, 12-2pm
Please email me to set up and a Zoom or phone appointment.
If there is something you need immediately please text
Chris Krohn with your name and dept. affiliation at: 
ENVS Winter Staff Schedules

The ENVS main office, 405-H ISB, will be remote until Jan. 18th and then will be open from 9am to 5pm Monday through Thursday. 

The ENVS internship office will be open from 10am-4pm Monday through Thursday.

The ENVS undergraduate advising office will be remote until Jan. 18th and then offer a mix of in-person and remote Zoom peer advising. Contact our Academic Coordinator, Cassie Isaacson to set up an appointment.

Graduate advising will be remote until Jan. 18th. Grad students, please reach out to Amy (ENVSGPC@UCSC.EDU) to arrange advising appointments. She will be available by appointment, and will also hold weekly open drop-in hours on Zoom.


UCSC Environmental Studies students intern for a variety of local, state, national and international organizations. These organizations and businesses include educational, agricultural, non-profit, for-profit, government and non-government internship positions. Many of our more than 100 internships can be found on our web site but unfortunately because of the Covid-19 pandemic, many will not be available until next Fall, or available remotely.

Internships and your education:

Internships allow students to apply the concepts and theories they learn about in academic settings to workplace settings. As an intern, you can see how people relate with one another, test out the theories you've learned in classes, and observe the inner workings of the work environment in a myriad of different fields and disciplines. Work done outside the classroom brings new depth and meaning to the work done inside the classroom, and enlightens the student to the importance of their academic work. Internships can be as much about finding out what you really like as encountering what it is you do not like.

Help you define your interests:

Many students look at internships as a way to confirm their interest in a given field or discipline. An internship is a way to "taste" a type of work before you've committed to graduate school or working in a full-time position. Internship experiences can help you hone in on your area(s) of interest and focus on the type of work for which you are best suited for and work that you find most interesting.

The Environmental Studies Internship Office is committed to providing students with the necessary resources for finding the best placement for each student.

Interested? You can start the process by communicating directly with the agency, or emailing our office, You can also drop by the office beginning (we hope) in the Fall of 2021 during the hours posted above if you would like a more thorough explanation. We placed students in more than 300 internships this past Covid-19 year. And, perhaps we have one waiting for you too!

Prospective Agencies, interested in providing an internship opportunity to UCSC Students? Please fill out the link here!

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