TOP TEN New and Updated Available Internships

Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems (CASFS)casfsthumbCASFS

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Contact: Damian 

CASFS is offering a lower division production internship focused on field-scale harvesting and orchard care, as well as general market garden-scale cover cropping, bed tillage, composting, and propagation.  The internship will include a cohort of approximately 15 interns, working as a team. There is a possibility that interested students might be invited to continue interning in future quarters. We are most interested in students who can commit to two quarters of interning with us, during your time at UCSC, though the quarters interned do not need to be back-to-back. Each year, a number of paid student staff positions are available to graduates of our internship program.

Environmental Aesthetics Internship

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Environmental Aesthetics Internship

Contact: Brook
I am studying how humans judge and categorize the visual aesthetics of ecological restoration. I am looking for landscape configurations that optimize visual beauty, ecological resilience, and its ability to support more biodiversity. To provide a realistic and interactive experience, I am designing a pilot survey where participants can build their ideal habitats in a 3D environment. Participants will use slider bars to modify aspects of the plants, terrain, and urban landscape to select their preferred configuration. To create this environment I need help getting digital assets and tying them into a game engine. This internship would consist of collecting, scanning, modeling, and texturing 3D plants and other natural features and using Unity or Unreal Engine to build a procedural environment that could be turned into a distributable visual survey.
If you are interested please contact me a with a brief overview of your academic history, related prior experience, and why you are interested.

Alternative Energy Research Internship with Prof. Elliott CampbellNo alternative text

New Electric Vehicle Car-Sharing

Contact: Prof. Elliot Campbell,

In need of an intern to help with a new electric vehicle car-sharing concept that is a mix of academic research and entrepreneurship. Would help with app development, consumer surveys, and data analysis. Programming, web, or app development skills are preferable


Campaign for Sustainable TransportationNo alternative text

Outreach Internship

Also Under Public Policy

Contact Person: Rick Longinotti,

The Campaign for Sustainable Transportation is an all-volunteer group advocating for environmental justice in transportation. The current campaign is to educate the public about the benefits of public investment in transit and active transportation (bicycling & walking) rather than investing in widening Highway 1. Currently, Metro transit is planning deep cuts in service due to financial deficits. In the next few months the County Regional Transportation Commission will be finalizing the priorities in a transportation sales tax measure for the November ballot. So the focus is to get public support for sustainable and socially equitable priorities in that ballot measure. Interns will join group members in circulating a petition for sustainable transportation on campus and in the community, meeting with community leaders, setting up presentations for community groups, speaking to classes on campus and developing written materials for outreach to students.  

NovasutrasNo alternative text


Contact: Michelle Merrill,  360-270-5681

The Novasutras community has a culture of inclusion and respect for all. This means that your ideas and opinions will be invited, valued, and validated -- we hope to learn from you while you learn from us. As part of our team, you will have free access to all Novasutras events. We are eager to work with you to grow your social network and nourish your intentions for personal development in ways that are mutually beneficial. As a member of our outreach and event planning team, your tasks will likely include:
  •  Communication and correspondence with allied organizations and potential guest presenters 
  •  Creating compelling event descriptions, images and other promotional materials
  •  Listing events on online calendars, webpages, and email announcements
  •  Promoting events on social media and other channels
  •  Coordinating schedules
  •  Assisting with online event hosting

Committee to Bridge the Gap.    screen-shot-2021-09-28-at-10.17.04-am.png

Environmental Policy Internship

Also Under Public Policy

Contact: Haakon Williams, 

Committee to Bridge the Gap is a non-profit environmental and nuclear policy organization focusing on issues of environmental justice, government transparency, superfund site remediation, and nuclear decommissioning, disarmament, safety and waste disposal. For nearly half a century, Committee to Bridge the Gap has been fighting—and winning—environmental battles that have local, national and international impact.

Our work is aimed at exposing and correcting the shortcuts taken by polluters and the government agencies which oversee them, and the unholy alliance which exists between them.

Students will engage in hands-on research in teams with experienced environmental policy staff. Collaboration between CBG and other organizations, policymakers, and established journalists is frequent. Students will learn the nitty-gritty of actually affecting environmental policy and make real contributions to the environment at the same time.

Current projects include research and policy work on behalf of environmental justice communities in San Francisco and Los Angeles that are burdened with toxic contamination, and research and advocacy work on federal issues relating to high-level nuclear waste. This internship will continue to be remote for the time being. Learn more about us here.

Bird School Project

  • Education Internship

    Contact:   Jessica Correa -

    Did you ever have an awesome outdoor experience that got you hooked on nature? Are you an excited naturalist willing to share your expertise with the next generation? Have you ever thought of getting into science education? The Bird School Project is an exciting outdoor education program focused on birdwatching in schoolyards throughout Santa Cruz County. We help students investigate the wild birds that live right outside their classroom door using binoculars and field guides. Birds are everywhere and we believe that you don't have to travel far to develop a formative connection with nature! Interning with the Bird School Project is a great opportunity to get to experience teaching environmental education. Currently, we are seeking passionate educators who can help facilitate eye-openingexperiences for middle school students during the following times: Modays | 8 am -3 pm & Thursdays | 8 am -2:30 pm 

PICANo alternative text

Program in Community and Agroecology

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Contact: Damian Parr, 

The Program in Community and Agroecology (PICA) is a educational and residential program focused on experiential learning, sustainability and food systems. All UCSC students are welcome to participate in the garden workdays and workshops offered. PICA residents have the opportunity to grow their own food together, share meals together, and explore ways to live more sustainably. PICA is located at the entrance to the Village at the UCSC campus, right across from the Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems (CASFS).

ArboretumNo alternative text

UCSC Arboretum Contact: Brett (831)212-4853

 Topics in Botany and Horticulture Interns will participate in the ongoing care and development of the collections, gardens and programs in the UCSC Arboretum.  The gardens and collections include California natives and the extensive southern hemisphere gardens and several other important botanical and horticultural collections. The internship work will involve planting, propagating, maintenance, grounds preparation, research on collections involving readings and short essay writings, biogeography and horticultural discussions, and optional field trips. For more information visit the Arboretum website.

Stacey Philpott PAID Internship


PAID Urban Agroecology and Insect Ecology Internship (WINTER 2022)

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Contact: Stacy Philpott

In this research opportunity, students will be introduced to urban agroecology, learn insect
identification skills, and will identify specific research questions that they would like to address
with our data (e.g., How does land tenure of gardens influence bee diversity? Do gardens with
more diverse flower communities support better biological pest control?). Details:

  • The position is open to EOP students and veterans, first-gen students, etc.
  • Students are expected to dedicate 100 hr during winter 2021 and will receive $1500 as a scholarship payment
  • Students may register for 2 units of ENVS 199F – Independent Study to get academic credit in Winter
  • There may be a possibility for continuing in spring and summer 2022
  • To apply, please send a resume, an unofficial transcript, and a short letter (1-2 paragraphs) explaining your interest to Stacy Philpott ( by Dec. 14.