Summer Internships--This Page will be updated throughout the year


    Jodi McGraw Consulting & UC Santa Cruz Greenhouses

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    Sandhills Restoration Intern

    Listing also found in Conservation tab.

    Contact:  Jodi McGraw 

    The Sandhills Restoration Intern (Intern) will assist ecologist Dr. Jodi McGraw and Assistant Ecologists at Jodi McGraw Consulting (JMc) with work to restore Sandhills habitat. The Intern will participate in revegetation efforts including seed sowing, planting, transplanting and plant propagation in coordination with the UCSC greenhouses, Jim Velzy, UCSC Greenhouse Director, Division of Physical and Biological Sciences. The Intern will also participate in on-site restoration management including seed collecting, seed cleaning, controlling exotic plants, maintaining outplanted container stock, irrigating, and collecting data as part of restoration monitoring.


  • Kids in Nature

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    Summer Paid Position

    Contact: Kate, 

    Kids in Nature is a local environmental education program for public school children started by a UCSC Field Quarter Alum. Our programs focus on bringing art, natural history, ethnobotany, emotional literacy, and environmental advocacy to the local youth. We are looking for summer camp leaders that are passionate about each of the planet’s creatures, love children, live lives of curiosity and joy, and who want meaningful work this summer.

    Preferred Application Deadline: May 1st

  • Windward

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    Sustainable Community Apprenticeship

    Contact: Andrew Schreiber,

    Apprenticeship are a 3 month full immersion experience in a land-based intentional community working side-by-side with Stewards of the Windward community gaining practical, hands-on skills with the tools needed to build a life in concert with the natural world

    Apprenticeships are tailored to fit the desires and needs of Apprentices, Windward Stewards, and, if appropriate, academic advisors.

    Sustainable systems are multi-faceted & diverse so Apprentices should be prepared to learn and participate in wide ranging projects and tasks while also choosing an area of focus for an in-depth learning experience. Areas of focus are co-created during the application process.

    Check out the website for more details!


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    Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farming

    Contact: Tori, 

    Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms, USA (WWOOF-USA) helps connect students with over 2,000 organic farmers nationwide. WWOOF is flexible and can be used for an internship, educational hands-on training, or a summer travel opportunity. The program is open to any students interested in sustainable agriculture, cultural studies, culinary arts, veterinary programs, health and nutrition, environmental sciences, and a wide range of other courses. College credit may be available. Summer opportunities are posted now! With farms in every state, and many welcoming students over summer break, WWOOF opportunities may be closer than you think.

    Check out our website to learn more!