Summer Internships


    California Collaborative Fisheries (CCFRP)

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    Research Internship

    Listing also found in the Conservation, Water and Marine-Related, and Researchtabs.

    Only Avaliable during the Summer!

    Contact: Jake Todd, 

    CCFRP interns gain insight into the world of marine science and valuable, hands-on experience for professional development through active participation in various forms of field work, data analysis, and project support. We typically only accept interns for the summer, as that is when our sampling occurs.  

    Interns provide organizational, logistical, and administrative assistance to the Fisheries & Conservation Biology Lab at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories. Within the CCFRP, the lab conducts background research for fisheries-related projects, coordinates a variety of events, collects and analyzes field data, and disseminates information to the public. Program interns help facilitate any/all portions of these activities while additional duties are assigned as needed.

    Please contact the internship office for an application, as one is needed for this internship. 

  • Driscoll's Intern

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    Entomology Research Technician


    Ryan Kennedy,

    Job Description: Assist Entomologists with conducting laboratory and field research by collecting, identifying and documenting data. Identify and count important insect species that impact strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. Maintain the health of insect colonies by providing a clean food source, water and habitat. This position is ideal for students or recent grads looking for more experience in Entomology and Agriculture.

  • EPIC Challenge - Technical Tasks Work Plan

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    Santa Cruz – Technical Tasks Work Plan

    Contact: Gwen Parden,

    First Community Housing (FCH), in partnership with the City of Santa Cruz and Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District (METRO), is redeveloping a 2+ acre site owned by the City and METRO. The mixed-use transit-oriented project, named Pacific Station North, will be part of the larger redevelopment of the Downtown Santa Cruz, regional bus transit complex (Pacific Station).

  • Jodi McGraw Consulting & UC Santa Cruz Greenhouses

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    Sandhills Restoration Intern

    Listing also found in Conservation tab.

    Contact: Jim Velzy & Jodi McGraw 

    The Sandhills Restoration Intern (Intern) will assist ecologist Dr. Jodi McGraw and Assistant Ecologists at Jodi McGraw Consulting (JMc) with work to restore Sandhills habitat. The Intern will participate in revegetation efforts including seed sowing, planting, transplanting and plant propagation in coordination with the UCSC greenhouses, Jim Velzy, UCSC Greenhouse Director, Division of Physical and Biological Sciences. The Intern will also participate in on-site restoration management including seed collecting, seed cleaning, controlling exotic plants, maintaining outplanted container stock, irrigating, and collecting data as part of restoration monitoring.


  • Kids in Nature

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    Summer Paid Position

    Contact: Kate, 

    Kids in Nature is a local environmental education program for public school children started by a UCSC Field Quarter Alum. Our programs focus on bringing art, natural history, ethnobotany, emotional literacy, and environmental advocacy to the local youth. We are looking for summer camp leaders that are passionate about each of the planet’s creatures, love children, live lives of curiosity and joy, and who want meaningful work this summer.

    Preferred Application Deadline: May 1st


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    PAID Internship: Product to replace Single-use plastic with seaweed-derived biopolymers

    Contact: KARUNA RANA at

    As a materials tech company focused on seaweed-derived biopolymers, our department is seeking to dive deeper into seaweed's biological characteristics, especially as they pertain to carbon sequestration/absorption and other ecological services such as reducing coastal eutrophication. We're also looking at seaweed-based biopolymers from an end-of-life perspective. As such, the intern would be working directly with me on projects that combine research and professional experience. I will be happy to share a detailed job description, as needed.

     The intern would be expected to work remotely, but is welcome to meet us at our San Jose office as needed.

  • Nevada Conservation Corps

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    Conservation Internship

    NCC is Nevada’s leading non-profit in advancing volunteerism in the environmental sector. We are currently seeking members for conservation internships and our restoration crew program. Spend the season working outside as an AmeriCorps service member. Work on projects ranging from invasive species treatment and removal to habitat restoration and resource management.

    For More Information on NCC and on How to Apply:

  • Oakland Envrio Consulting Job

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    Olofson Environmental, Inc. (OEI) is an environmental consulting firm located in Oakland, California. OEI manages the San Francisco Estuary Invasive Spartina Project (ISP), a coordinated regional effort between local, state, and federal organizations dedicated to preserving California's extraordinary coastal biological resources through the elimination of non-native Spartina (cordgrass). ISP is seeking Spartina Treatment Monitors to assist with field monitoring of Spartina treatment activities as well as native marsh plant restoration plots.

  • Our City Forest

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    Nonprofit Internship

    Listing also found in the Public Policy and Environmental Justice tab.

    Contact: Nancy Solorio at 

    Our City Forest (OCF) is an award - winning environmental nonprofit supporting South Bay neighborhoods, schools, businesses, agencies and parks with a variety of greening projects. In addition to providing resources and technical assistance for planting and caring for trees, OCF runs a cultivation nursery and an Americorps service and job training program. Its mission is to cultivate a green and healthy Silicon Valley by engaging community members in the appreciation, protection, growth and maintenance of our urban ecosystem, especially its urban forest.

  • Stacy Philpott's Lab

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    Paid Research Internship

    Contact: Edith Gonzalez at

    I'm a Ph.D. student in Stacy Philpott's lab and I'm searching for a student to work with me this upcoming summer (June -August) identifying insects and conducting garden-based interviews in Spanish. This is a 40hrs a week/ paid opportunity funded by the SUPERDAR program.

  • State Park Aide

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    Mono Lake Tufa State Natural Reserve

    Contact: Catherine

    Lead interpretive tours, provide information to the public, do roving interpretation and patrol, collect park fees, maintain park facilities, and help with special events.

    Must have a valid driver's license, be independent and motivated.

  • TriCal Diagnostics

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    Summer Lab Assistant Position 2022

    Contact: Steven Koike,

    We are a full service plant diagnostics lab located at 8770 Highway 25 in Hollister, CA. We use traditional (culturing and microscopy) and molecular methods to diagnose all types of plant pathogens including fungi, bacteria, viruses, and nematodes. Our samples include plants, soil, and water from small and large farming operations across the United States, with most of our samples coming from California. Common samples include lettuce and strawberry. For more information, see our website at

  • Windward

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    Sustainable Community Apprenticeship

    Contact: Andrew Schreiber,

    Apprenticeship are a 3 month full immersion experience in a land-based intentional community working side-by-side with Stewards of the Windward community gaining practical, hands-on skills with the tools needed to build a life in concert with the natural world

    Apprenticeships are tailored to fit the desires and needs of Apprentices, Windward Stewards, and, if appropriate, academic advisors.

    Sustainable systems are multi-faceted & diverse so Apprentices should be prepared to learn and participate in wide ranging projects and tasks while also choosing an area of focus for an in-depth learning experience. Areas of focus are co-created during the application process.

    Check out the website for more details!


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    Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farming

    Contact: Tori, 

    Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms, USA (WWOOF-USA) helps connect students with over 2,000 organic farmers nationwide. WWOOF is flexible and can be used for an internship, educational hands-on training, or a summer travel opportunity. The program is open to any students interested in sustainable agriculture, cultural studies, culinary arts, veterinary programs, health and nutrition, environmental sciences, and a wide range of other courses. College credit may be available. Summer opportunities are posted now! With farms in every state, and many welcoming students over summer break, WWOOF opportunities may be closer than you think.

    Check out our website to learn more!