Summer Internships


    California Coalition for Rural Housing

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    Rural West Internship Program

    Listing also found in the Public Policy tab.

    Contact: Gisela at 

    The Internship Program is a one-year paid Internship designed to increase the staff diversity within the Affordable Housing and Community Development field, and assist in meeting the diverse needs of the communities served throughout the rural West, including its emerging areas. This includes recruiting, training and retaining ethnically diverse students who may not otherwise know about the field. We specifically target underrepresented People of Color, who come from low-income rural backgrounds and reflect rural West’s diverse cultural and linguistic demographics. We give high priority to students completing their junior year or entering their last academic year at four year universities so that upon graduating from college, they may be able to be employed in entry level professional positions in the field



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    Summer Internship

    Listings also found in the Agroecology and Plants and Campus tabs. 

    Contact: Damian Parr 

    CASFS is offering 5 & 2 unit, lower division farm and garden internships focused on field-scale and market garden-scale harvesting, tillage, planting, composting, cover cropping, and propagation. 

    • 5 unit applicants preferred, 2 unit applicants also accepted 
    • There are ~30 positions available across three different work sites
    • Fieldwork schedule: M/W/F 8:30-12 noon for 5 units, or two out of the three days for 2 units 
    • Dates for starting and stopping during summer are negotiable, with break consideration given for vacations and family trips, etc. 
    • At least 80% of internship will consist of outdoor fieldwork

  • Coastal Prairie Restoration Internship

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    Restoration Research Internship

    Also Under Conservation and Research

    Contact: Justin Luong,

    Student will assist with Graduate Student Justin Luong with research in whether the use of plant functional traits and phylogenetics can be predictive in restoration planting survival and growth, because restoration often has unpredictable outcomes. Presumeably, this will be exacerbated by climate change. Interns have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience at Younger Lagoon Reserve at Coastal Campus utilizing rain-out shelters that simulate a 1-in-100 year drought after five years for 12 CA coastal prairie plants, collecting data such as plant community composition and plant functional trait data, and categorizing plants in subgroups by leaf area and thickness. No experience is required. 

  • College of Botanical Healing Arts

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    College of Botanical Healing Arts

    Listing also found in the For Profit tab. 

    Contact Person: Misty Bianco,  (831)462-1807

    We are looking for an independent, business-minded, curious individual who is open to learning new things and assisting in an array of activities for our non-profit college. Our ideal candidate is punctual, reliable, and communicates well and honestly. This is an excellent position for people who are interested in holistic health, the medical field, education, office management and assistance, marketing, and more. Our office is a outside scent-free, peaceful environment and our staff is small. The community at the school is tightly knit and very loving. We will do anything we can to help you achieve your goals as long as we see that you are doing the same for our college! We rely heavily on donations to keep our college running, so we need someone who will be serious about their duties in fundraising (events), marketing, and communicating with local and global grant programs. 

  • Condor Consulting

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    Condor Consulting

    Contact: Sean Dexter, 

    The intern shall be responsible for assisting principals in the production of biological and archaeological reports for any projects that are underway. The intern may be required to assist staff with preparation of ongoing monitoring logs, summary reports, and processing of laboratory samples, photographic, and tabular data. Projects would include biology, botanical, paleontology, and/or archaeological projects.The overall goal of the intern should be to understand how environmental consulting firms in the State of California function, and how they fit into the CEQA and NEPA process.

  • Ecology Action

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    Green Business Internship

    Listing also found in the Public Policy tab.

    Contact: Brooke Wright, 

    Ecology Action Green Business Program is actively working to create more sustainable businesses and communities in Santa Cruz. For Winter Quarter 2019 they are looking for 2-3 dedicated interns interested in actively working towards creating a more eco friendly Santa Cruz

    Mission Statement: Ecology Action helps to create more sustainable businesses, communities and economies by helping people act now.

    Objectives: To help businesses that have signed up with the California Green Business Program to become certified as a Green Business. This involves being assigned to a business and being their point person forany support needed.

    For more information check out their website!

  • El Centro Verde Farm

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    Costa Rica

    Contact: Tom Peifer, 

    El Centro Verde is dedicated to applied research, demonstration and outreach around issues faced by smallholder farmers in the wet-dry tropics. For almost two decades we have worked with techniques of permaculture, agro-forestry, runoff management techniques of different Amer-indian groups, erosion control, bio-char in an effort to build and share a knowledge base that is relevant to changes in climate, economics and demographics. Daily tasks involve all phases of rainy season cultivation, from seeding to harvest and food preservation. Students with a special interest are encouraged to “take the reins” if the project is compatible with our core interests and philosophy.

    For more info, check out the website!

  • Hilltromper

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    Contact: Traci Hukill (831)601-7690

    Hilltromper is an outdoor recreation website. We seek to get people outdoors and connected with nature by presenting places to go and things to do in a fun and friendly format. We emphasize good stewardship, volunteerism, inclusiveness and community. We also include a good deal of environmental news and nature/science writing on our site. 

    Every Hilltromper intern spends several hours per week maintaining the calendar of events, a great training ground for developing speed and accuracy in writing. For the first eight weeks I endeavor to expose the intern to the various journalistic forms in an organized progression of two-week modules, giving the intern a chance to practice the lessons in subsequent weeks. We allow interns to develop individual specialties according to interest. One might specialize in rock climbing and mountain biking blogs while another focuses on profiles of native plant species. A third may find nirvana in writing articles about local effects of climate change.

    For more information please visit their website.

  • Jodi McGraw Consulting & UC Santa Cruz Greenhouses

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    Sandhills Restoration Intern

    Listing also found in Conservation tab.

    Contact: Jim Velzy & Jodi McGraw 

    The Sandhills Restoration Intern (Intern) will assist ecologist Dr. Jodi McGraw and Assistant Ecologists at Jodi McGraw Consulting (JMc) with work to restore Sandhills habitat. The Intern will participate in revegetation efforts including seed sowing, planting, transplanting and plant propagation in coordination with the UCSC greenhouses, Jim Velzy, UCSC Greenhouse Director, Division of Physical and Biological Sciences. The Intern will also participate in on-site restoration management including seed collecting, seed cleaning, controlling exotic plants, maintaining outplanted container stock, irrigating, and collecting data as part of restoration monitoring.


  • Long Way Home

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    Green Building Academy

    Contact: Robin,

    The Academy will be a month-long intensive green building course with both classroom and hands-on learning along with cultural exchange. The Academy is dedicated to educating individuals and organizations, in both theory and practical application, about sustainable design, planning, and building practices. There is also the option to break down the full course for shorter 1-2 week sessions to include options for alternative break trips. This is ideal for students looking for internships, capstone projects or studying sustainability, engineering, architecture, education, international studies, NGO management and more! Ask us about how students can apply for academic credit to be granted. Check out our website if you have any questions.

  • Macaw Lodge

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    Conservation Internship

    Listing also found in Conservation tab.

    Contact: Stephanie Mermet,, (506) 8310-9073                  

    Macaw Lodge is an eco-lodge dedicated to inspire environmental conservation through mindful and evidence based sustainable practices.  We are committed to preserving the biodiversity of our environmentally unique wet-dry tropics as we constantly improve upon sustainable agricultural practices and eco-tourism.  Our methods respect the web of life while providing opportunities and guidance to local farmers and residents ready to improve their quality of life and thereby live purposefully and in harmony with nature. Your proficiency in Spanish may determine the project(s) you will participate in.  Immersion into daily life with our staff, local neighbors, lodge guests from around the world, and school age children are all possible while engaged in our daily practice of tending, preparing and creating a life affirming experience.

    • Sustainable gardeningTropical Food Forest Production of bananas, papaya, bread fruit, Medicinal Plant propagation, Greenhouse Management
    • Wildlife Surveys and Bird counts
    • Fish ponds and Aquaponics
    • Cacao Production and Chocolate making from bean to bar.
    • Trail building,  Bamboo construction

  • Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Exploration Center

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    Public Programs Internship

    Contact Person: Chelsea Prindle,   

    Become a Sanctuary Exploration Center Summer Intern!! We are currently recruiting for a unpaid summer internship at the Sanctuary Exploration Center in Santa Cruz. The Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Exploration Center seeks to educate the general public on the Marine Sanctuary reaching from Cambria to San Francisco, and interpret various issues related to local watersheds and ocean preservation. Through this internship, you will gain knowledge about Marine Protected Areas and marine science; gain valuable work experience in program development including education training, discount prices in the gift shop as well as receiving invitations to special events and volunteer appreciation programs. If interested, fill out the application and send directly to Check out their website for more information!

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    Exhibits and Interpretation Internship

    Contact: Nick Ingram,

    Essential Duties:

    • Query visitors on their exhibit use and experience while at the Exploration Center and summarize responses.
    • Update and expand current exhibit interpretation cheat sheets
    • Create exhibit interpretation “quick tips” for weekly docent updates
    • Assist in facilitating large group and camp visits
    • Assist in the gift shop and during special events as needed

    Benefits: Gain knowledge about marine policy and marine science; gain valuable work experience in social media, outreach and marketing, discount prices in the gift shop; invitations to special events; and volunteer appreciation programs.

  • Nevada Conservation Corps

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    Conservation Internship

    NCC is Nevada’s leading non-profit in advancing volunteerism in the environmental sector. We are currently seeking members for conservation internships and our restoration crew program. Spend the season working outside as an AmeriCorps service member. Work on projects ranging from invasive species treatment and removal to habitat restoration and resource management.

    For More Information on NCC and on How to Apply:

  • The Ocean Project

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    Environmental Studies Internship

    Contact: Bill Mott, Director at

    We have a lot going on this summer and it will be an exciting time to work here. Interns will help with the following (based on their experiences, education, and interests). Following are brief overviews of what interns could expect to help with although there are always new opportunities that arise and with the right intern/s we often get greatideas from them as well. The basic overview on our internship program is here and the website provides more complete information about The Ocean Project, and World Oceans Day, which we coordinate. Summer internships are for a minimum of 10 weeks, full time, and stipends will be provided, based on experience and time commitment. For graduating students, internships can continue into the fall, and year round. Interested students should send cover letter, resume, and three-page writing sample, and three references (both academic and work-related). To apply, contact Bill Mott, Director at

  • O'Neill Sea Odyssey

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    Social Media Internship

    Listing also found in the Water & Marine-Related tab. 

    Contact: Adam Steckley,

    O’Neill Sea Odyssey (OSO) provides a hands-on educational experience to encourage the protection and preservation of our living sea and communities. The program is conducted on board the catamaran with follow-up lessons at the shore-side Education Center at the Santa Cruz Harbor. 

    OSO is seeking a volunteer intern(s), to manage the organization’s social media. Duties include photography and videography on-board the O'Neill Catamaran. Managing Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Blog posts and other social media accounts to engage our audience of supporters and followers. This is a unique opportunity to be part of a small team of passionate individuals working to instill the next generation of ocean stewards.  At the same time, developing valuable skills in marketing, fund-raising, nonprofit and event management.

  • Our City Forest

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    Nonprofit Internship

    Listing also found in the Public Policy and Environmental Justice tab.

    Contact: Nancy Solorio at 

    Our City Forest (OCF) is an award - winning environmental nonprofit supporting South Bay neighborhoods, schools, businesses, agencies and parks with a variety of greening projects. In addition to providing resources and technical assistance for planting and caring for trees, OCF runs a cultivation nursery and an Americorps service and job training program. Its mission is to cultivate a green and healthy Silicon Valley by engaging community members in the appreciation, protection, growth and maintenance of our urban ecosystem, especially its urban forest.

  • San Vincente Redwoods Restoration

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    Restoration Intern

    Listing also found in Conservation tab.

    Contact: Jim Velzy 

    The Restoration Intern (Intern) will assist the Property Manager with restoration of an area encroached on by invasive species on the San Vicente Redwoods property in Santa Cruz County, CA. Potential projects include the riparian corridor of San Vicente Creek, challenged by Clematis vitalba, Cortaderia jubata, and Genista monspessulana, and the PG&E Right-of-way challenged by repeat mowing and a wide variety of weedy species. The Intern will be responsible for mapping and applying integrated pest management techniques to control invasive plant populations, followed by planting appropriate species to re-occupy the site. The Intern will also be expected to collect seeds from the San Vicente Redwoods property and propagate seedlings in coordination with UCSC greenhouses, Jim Velzy, UCSC Greenhouse Director, Division of Physical and Biological Sciences.

  • Volunteer and Outreach Associate

    Contact: Tucker Hirsch

    The Volunteer and Outreach Associate has two main roles. S/he will be the liaison between Save Our Shores and our trained volunteers. S/he is responsible for ensuring coverage of weekend and public events, attending them when volunteer coverage is unavailable. 

  • Sustainable Business Council of LA

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    Sustainable Business Council of LA

    Contact: Molly Lavik,
    The Sustainable Business Council of Los Angeles (SBC) is a non-profit organization, established in 2005. The organization provides professional networking, mentoring, and educational forums to sustainable business professionals in Southern California. The organization's goal is to help members improve their operating efficiencies, profit margins, and staff productivity as they reduce the ecological impact of their products and services.

  • Windward

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    Sustainable Community Apprenticeship

    Contact: Andrew Schreiber,

    Apprenticeship are a 3 month full immersion experience in a land-based intentional community working side-by-side with Stewards of the Windward community gaining practical, hands-on skills with the tools needed to build a life in concert with the natural world

    Apprenticeships are tailored to fit the desires and needs of Apprentices, Windward Stewards, and, if appropriate, academic advisors.

    Sustainable systems are multi-faceted & diverse so Apprentices should be prepared to learn and participate in wide ranging projects and tasks while also choosing an area of focus for an in-depth learning experience. Areas of focus are co-created during the application process.

    Check out the website for more details!