Professors Holl and Loik share climate research with local students

December 16, 2016

The Santa Cruz Sentinel featured environmental studies professors Karen Holl and Michael Loik's participation at the San Lorenzo Valley High School’s environmental conference. They were two of five speakers at the event organized by the local high school Environmental Club. Read the full article.
Local reporter Betsy Herbert writes:

"Karen Holl, a UC Santa Cruz scientist specializing in ecosystem restoration, displayed a world map indicating our local region as one of the planet’s top biodiversity hotspots. While the best way to keep rare species from extinction is to protect existing habitats from development and invasive species, sometimes people need to intervene to repair damaged ecosystems. She lauded local efforts to control French broom and acacia, both invasive species that threaten rare native species.

Michael Loik, a UC Santa Cruz researcher, explained that climate change is bringing more regional droughts and higher temperatures, which will lead to drier vegetation and increased fire risk. A reduction in fog will also likely impact redwood trees, which depend on summer fog for survival."