Karen Holl to talk on Wed 2/25 about tropical forest restoration

February 17, 2015

Karen Holl is a leader in restoration ecology. Her research focuses on understanding ecological factors that slow ecosystem recovery from human disturbance and using this information to improve restoration efforts. Read more >

Dr. Karen Holl is the featured presenter at the Science on Tap event at the Crepe Place from 7-8:30PM this coming Wednesday, 2/25/15.

Holl will draw on her two decades of experience studying tropical forest restoration in Latin America to discuss what we know about the ability of tropical forests to recover from human disturbance.  She will summarize the results of her long-term research in Costa Rica and offer examples of a few large-scale forest restoration efforts in other Latin American countries.

Science on Tap is sponsored by Women in Science and Engineering (WISE).  

The Crepe Place is located at 1134 Soquel Avenue in Santa Cruz, CA.

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