Enrollment Information


  1. Lower Division ENVS courses are open and available during open enrollment.  Generally these courses do not fill to capacity in the first pass of enrollment.  The only lower division ENVS course with a prerequisite is ENVS 24, which has has a prerequisite of Math 3 or AMS 3 or 6 or AP Calc score of 4 or Math Assessment 300 or higher.
  2. ENVS 100 and 100L has multiple prerequisites. ALL of the prerequisites must be completed before enrolling in ENVS 100/L -- the course requirements are firm. If you are completing the final prerequisites at the time of enrollment in ENVS 100/L, the enrollment system should allow you to enroll. Both ENVS 100 and 100L must be completed at the same time.
  3. Upper Division ENVS courses (101-179) can be enrolled in concurrently with ENVS 100/L or after completing ENVS 100/L.  Please enroll in ENVS 100/L before attempting to enroll in any upper division courses,  The enrollment system will recognize enrollment in ENVS 100/L and allow for enrollment in Upper Division ENVS courses.  
  4. Permission to enroll in an upper division elective before completing ENVS 100/L can be requested via google form
  5. Waitlisting for courses that are full to capacity is possible for all ENVS courses. Since getting off the waitlist is not guaranteed, students should always enroll in a backup course. 

ENROLLMENT Frequently Asked Questions are well represented on the Registrar's website at this link.  http://registrar.ucsc.edu/faqs/students/enrollment/index.html