Enrollment Information


  1. Lower Division ENVS courses are open and available during open enrollment.  Generally these courses do not fill to capacity in the first pass of enrollment.  Only ENVS 24 has a prerequisite (Math 3 or AMS 3 or 6 or AP Calc score of 4 or Math Assessment 300 or higher).
  2. ENVS 100 and 100L has multiple prerequisites which are satisfied by ENVS 23 (or Chem 1A); ENVS 24 (or BIOE 20C); ENVS 25; Math 3 or AMS 3 or 6 or AP Calc score of 4 or Math Assessment of 300 or higher; AMS 7/L or OCEA 90 and the Anth/Socy/Phil course chosen from a specific list.  The enrollment system will recognize a student who may be completing one or more of the prerequisites at the time of enrollment and allow advance enrollment in ENVS 100/L.
  3. Upper Division ENVS courses (101-179) can be enrolled in concurrently with ENVS 100/L or after completing ENVS 100/L.  Please enroll in ENVS 100/L before attempting to enroll in any upper division courses,  The enrollment system will recognize enrollment in ENVS 100/L and allow for enrollment in Upper Division ENVS courses.  
  4. Permission to enter a course without having completed the required prerequistes is rare but may be possible at the discretion of the instructor.  Students who do not qualify to enroll should contact the instructor directly to ask permission to enroll.  
  5. Wait listing for courses that are full to capacity is possible for all ENVS courses.  For those courses that have a required lab, students will need to wait list for the lab and once given a seat in lab, must enroll in the attached lecture portion.
  6. Transfer students enrolling in ENVS 100/L  Because the MyUCSC enrollment system does not always recognize transfer courses as satisfying the prerequisite courses for ENVS 100/L, transfer students must check in with the ENVS advising office before enrolling in 100/L.

ENROLLMENT Frequently Asked Questions are well represented on the Registrar's website at this link.  http://registrar.ucsc.edu/faqs/students/enrollment/index.html