Major Requirements & Information

The department of Environmental Studies (ENVS) hosts the following undergraduate majors and concentrations:

Please click on any of the program titles above to read more, and for the program requirements! You are also welcome to reach out to ENVS advising with any questions. 

In order to declare any of these majors, please check the qualification requirements, then see next steps for declaration


General Education courses that are satisfied by our major requirements:

Please refer to this chart to see which of your GE requirements may be satisfied by taking major courses for any of our majors. If you need help understanding the chart, feel free to see an ENVS advisor.

Note: Not all of the classes on the chart are mandatory for our majors. Some of them are electives or options, which means some students may take them, while others may not. If you're not taking that particular class, you wouldn't earn the GE credit.