Environmental Studies/Earth Sciences Combined B.A.

**IMPORTANT: The ENVS/EART major is being discontinued. Students who started at UCSC before Fall 2024 are still eligible to complete the major, with the help of ENVS advising. Students who start at UCSC Fall 2024 or later are not eligible to complete the major, and are encouraged to consult with ENVS advising for alternatives.

Program Description

The combined major in Environmental Studies and Earth & Planetary Sciences is intended to provide students with the basic tools of earth sciences and environmental studies needed to address environmental problems. Suggested plans of study include water policy/hydrology, restoration ecology, agroecology/soil physical processes and environmental policy/climate change, among others. Consult with faculty from both the Environmental Studies and Earth & Planetary Sciences departments.

Course Requirements

ENVS/EART Combined B.A. Major Worksheet (PDF) -- updated August 2023

Alternatively, you may view the program requirements on the 2023-2024 UCSC catalog. For prior catalog years, please visit this website.


Which GEs will get satisfied by this major?

It depends on which classes you take! Please refer to this chart to see which of your GE requirements may be satisfied by taking major courses for any of our majors. If you need help understanding the chart, please speak to ENVS advising.