Doctoral Program

Established in 1994, the Doctoral program* in the Department of Environmental Studies at UCSC emphasizes close faculty-student interactions, department-wide intellectual exchange, and cross-discipline innovation. The goal of our Ph.D. program is to develop exceptional individuals with strong foundations in their own fields, and the ability to work with those in other relevant specialties.

The program draws from two main areas: ecology and social science. These are historically independent fields and UCSC's Environmental Studies program is one of the first to link them.

Graduates of the Environmental Studies Doctoral Program at UC Santa Cruz are expected to be informed in conservation biology, global change ecology, agroecology, environmental policy, and political economy of the environment. Our students have deep intellectual strength in their area of specialty, and make substantial contributions toward the understanding of an environmental problem.

Please contact our Graduate Program Coordinator with any questions or inquiries you may have.

*Our program is doctoral only, we do not offer a terminal Master's degree at our program.

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