The Designated Emphasis in ENVS

The Designated Emphasis is the equivalent of a “minor” for doctoral study. It will provide you with a framework for in-depth study in specialized fields in your area, and an opportunity for recognition of particular scholarly expertise.

Discuss your intention to declare the Environmental Studies Designated Emphasis with your primary advisor and the Graduate Program Coordinator, in your primary Ph.D. program. 

An Environmental Studies faculty member is required to act as your Designated Emphasis adviser.  They will advise you about coursework as you complete the Environmental Studies Designated Emphasis Plan, serve on your qualifying examination committee, and your dissertation reading committee.

Complete the Environmental Studies Designated Emphasis Plan and contact the Graduate Program Coordinator if you are interested in taking the Designated Emphasis in Environmental Studies.

You must declare your intent to complete a Designated Emphasis in Environmental Studies before you officially Advance to Candidacy.

After you have completed the requirements for the Designated Emphasis, bring the Completion Form to the Graduate Program Coordinator along with a copy of your unofficial transcript.

To receive a Designated Emphasis (DE) in Environmental Studies, graduate students must complete the following requirements in addition to degree requirements for the doctorate in their annotating department:

  • Have a designated graduate advisor from among the faculty of the Environmental Studies Department who commits to serve on the qualifying exam committee and on the Ph.D. dissertation reading committee.

  • Take ENVS 201A Key Words and Concepts

  • Take three advanced graduate courses or seminars from a departmentally approved list (or approved by your ENVS DE advisor)

  • Participate for at least two quarters in an Environmental Studies graduate research group registered under ENVS 292 Topics in Research in Environmental Studies

  • Include a significant scholarly written component (i.e., a chapter of their dissertation or a paper to be submitted for publication) on an appropriate environmental topic.

Interested students should consult with their primary faculty advisor before applying for the Designated Emphasis.

Designated Emphases in Other Fields

Many other departments on campus offer a Designated Emphasis. For a complete list of these programs, and a copy of the current Designated Emphasis requirements, please visit the Academic Senate Designated Emphasis page.

Please contact each department directly for their Designated Emphasis requirements.